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  1. rcapolete

    Trex room charging

    Searched but couldn't find any recent or definitive info on whether or not you can charge to your room with the magic bands at Trex. Anyone know for sure. Want to make sure we bring credit cards if not
  2. rcapolete

    Amazon food delivery

    We are planning on having a grocery delivery sent to the All Star sports for Saturday. Should we alert the hotel to this ahead of time?
  3. rcapolete

    Easiest way from AK to Disney Springs

    We are going to AK on April 10th and have a FP for safari at 12 and ADR for T-Rex at 2. What is the best way via Disney buses to get to DS. I believe there is no direct bus but is there a resort bus that would be three best option?
  4. rcapolete

    Longest drought without a trip

    What is the longest you have gone without a trip to any Disney parks? I am finally ending my longest drought without a trip to Disney. I havent been there in almost 11 years. Prior to this drought i never went more than three or four years between trips. 25 days and counting
  5. rcapolete

    It official I leave tomorrow

    Well since it is after midnight in NJ and therefor Saturday morning it is official i leave tomorrow. Seems like only yesterday i just booked the trip (actually 180 days ago) cant believe the day is almost here. My 4 year drought it about to end.
  6. rcapolete

    Coral Reef for parent 40th anmiversary

    We are going to the Coral Reef for my parents 40th. I remember once seeing the scuba divers in the tank swin up to a table with a sign wishing another couple a happy anniv. Am i remember correctly and if so how do you set somethingm like this up? thanks for the help
  7. rcapolete

    special request during online check in not working?

    I did my online check in today since i am 10 days out. When i got to the part for the special room request everytime i click on it i brings up a pop up window but there is no place to actually type in a request. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. rcapolete

    Yatch Club Garden View question

    I have searched this site as well as the internet and can't seem to get a definite answer. We booked the garden view room for our trip in 2 weeks and i am trying to figure out exactly what that means for our view. Are all the garden view room on the side of the Hotel that face the water (not...
  9. rcapolete

    Yacht Club and BoardWalk Refillable mugs?

    I am staying at the Yacht club and my brother is staying at the Boardwalk in 2 weeks. Was wondering if they have the refillable mugs at the Hotels and if so where are the dispensers?
  10. rcapolete

    Yacht Club waterslide?

    Is there a height requirement for kids to ride the waterslide at the Yacth Club. My dd is only 41 1/2 inches but loves waterslide and we are going in 16 days. I hope is can ride it
  11. rcapolete

    Why no "Classy" value resorts

    Don't get me wrong i have stayed at POP twice and loved it since i have 2 small kids but it always seemed weird especially with the Art of Animation being built that Disney never made a Value resort that doesn't include a kids theme or a bunch of 25 ft tall statues. I think they are missing out...
  12. rcapolete

    Can you still buy Disney Cash

    I am going to wdw in August. As a treat i want to give my ds and dd $50 each so they can buy their own souvenirs. I did a quick search and did not find anything current on whether they still sell the Disney cash in either the Disney store in the mall or inside the resorts. Any info would be...
  13. rcapolete

    Can you skip the Stretch Room in Huanted MAnsion

    Is there anyway to skip the stretch room in the Haunted Mansion. The reason i ask is my DS and DD were scared of the stretch room but loved the ride itself last time and when we go in August they want to ride it again
  14. rcapolete

    Yatch Club Garden View rooms

    Can anyone pinpoint where in the Yatch club the garden view rooms are and also can you see Illuminations from the rooms.
  15. rcapolete

    Questions about sleeping kids and dining plan

    Was wondering if a child is a sleep for a sit down meal using the dining plan and doesn't actually eat anything will they charge her the meal since she is already on the reservation? I would assume not but want to see if anybody can say for sure one way or the other. thanks
  16. rcapolete

    Good Mobile App

    I just downloaded an app for my droid called Disney World by undercover tourist. Has anyone else used it. If so how accurate is it. I am trying to find a good app for my phone for my trip in august. Any suggestions would be great thanks
  17. rcapolete

    Info on Closed rides in August

    I cant seem to find any info on Disney website on what attractions are going to be closed in August. We arrive on the 14th. I though there was a spot on their website that listed all planed closures. If so can someone point me to it. thanks
  18. rcapolete

    Any thought about redoing Jungle Cruise as a Jungle Book ride

    I always wondered why they never made the jungle cruise into a jungle book ride. I love the jungle cruise but feel that it may add to the ride if they did a jungle book overlay to it. Was there ever any talking about this being done or does anyone else agree that it would be a cool idea.
  19. rcapolete

    Has Disney ever had a fire similar to Universal

    After seeing the footage from the Universal in Ca fire, it got me thinking. Has there ever been a similar type of fire at any Disney park.
  20. rcapolete

    child w/autism

    A good friend of mines is taking her 2 year old to Disney. He was recently diagnotised (sp) w/autism. I have read verying reports about what they can do to make it a more enjoyabe time for him. He loves rides but get stressed out when he is too close to alot of people especially if he is not in...
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