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    Issue with Firestick and DisneyNow... anyone have it working?

    Okay, we have cable with *** which has allowed us to access DisneyNow on a computer which when plugged into a TV lets the kids watch whatever Disney show they want whenever they want. Works just fine, but we were tired of having a laptop plugged into a TV all the time so we bought a Firestick...
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    POTC being rebooted without Depp

    Well apparently Disney wasn't satisfied killing the Star Wars franchise now they look to be aiming at POTC. Apparently they have decided to revitalize the franchise with the writers of Deadpool, the elimination of Depp and the main character of a female pirate based on the new pirate in the...
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    Question on Fastpass+ with an AP and non-AP visitor.

    I am considering a AP for myself for our next Disney World trip but will likely not be staying onsite... But because of the length of the stay and the benefit of free parking and photopass it looks like it will make sense for me to get the AP but the rest of the family to get the normal...
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    Never go to the park without a bag.

    Having just visit last week we made the mistake one afternoon of going to EPCOT without any bags at all, the thought was we could zip through the security lines much faster if we didn't get help up in the bag lines. Well to our surprise we arrived to find that the bag checking lines were maybe...
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    Anyone else getting annoyed with the lack of control of Trams?

    We've been at Disney now for 3 days and it seems that every time we use a tram in one of the parking lots, especially when going from the cars to the entry point, that the CMs don't really do much to keep people from crossing the yellow line to get on the tram even when they are told not to...
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    Any recent crowd reports on Pandora area at rope drop?

    As expected we weren't able to snag any fast passes and unfortunately one of the daughters is pushing for the Avatar stuff... I'm guess we need to hit it at rope drop but wondered just how much time it is going to take so we can plan for some fastpasses at other things in the afternoon...
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    Goodbye to the the lady in red.

    Just saw an article in the LA Times where the powers that be have decided to scrub the Pirates of the the un-PC wench auction in favor of a robbery scene. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-pirates-makeover-20170702-story.html If that happens at Disneyland you can expect it to follow...
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    The end may be near for fireworks at Disney

    Just read that Disney will be using the intel shooting star drones over Disney Springs this winter to put on a light show two times a night. It is probably only a matter of time until fireworks will be replaced by these silly drones which would likely save them thousands of dollars each night...
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    Question about being in line during Halloween Party

    I'm curious... considering the 7DMT can sometimes have a very long line... What is the protocol if you get in line at say 6:00pm and don't have a ticket for the Halloween Party that starts at 7:00pm but say the line is 120 minutes long? Do you still get to ride it at somewhere near 8:00pm...
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    Anyone heard any updates on when Disney Quest is going away?

    Last year we had folks at Disney Quest telling us they were going to be closed... Oddly enough last month we went to WDW and they were still in business... Has anyone heard what is happening with them? I expect them to be closing based on the disrepair of the games inside.
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    Anyone get a photo with Captain Jack during the Halloween Party?

    I ask because we got our photopass photo back and for some reason all the photos with Captain Jack have an annoying Disney pirates of the caribbean logo in the corner proudly proclaiming we got to meet Captain Jack at Disneyworld.... If anyone else has noticed that have you found a way to delete...
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    What if Disney banned all cameras and phones in the park?

    Was thinking after the last trip how nice it might be if you could go to Disney on a day when all technology like cameras, camcorder and phones were simply banned from the park... No more having people run over your because they were texting or bump into you because their eyes were focused on a...
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    Illuminations Dessert Party Warning

    Just got back from our fall trip and wanted to update anyone thinking about the illuminations Dessert Party. The photos and info that you find online are not really accurate. What you see listed on the official Disney site is accurate with the exception of the crisp rice puff inspired by asian...
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    Just cancelled a Be Our Guest breakfast reservation for 10/15

    plans changed so we cancelled a reservation for 2 on 10/15... so there should be one open at 8:30... don't know for how long but hopefully someone on the board can snag it.
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    Hope for Late planners

    Just a bit of encouragement for those folks that aren't able to plan their trips months in advance. Snagged a BOG reservation today for October 15th and even had the chance to get another one for the 16th... So persistence in checking their reservations on a regular basis does pay off.
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    How does parking work if you do a direct room check in?

    In all our past stays we did the in person check-in... and in the process got a sheet of paper to put in our car window that allowed us to pass through parking lot pay windows without having to even roll the window down, just pointing to the pass seemed to be enough... IF we do the direct to...
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    Is it better to do Sat or Sun if only doing 1 day?

    Decided this year to put Universal into our Disney plans, mostly for the Harry Potter stuff... but after seeing the outrageous prices for their hotels and their decision to charge me for parking at a hotel... Well, the original 2 days at Universal has now been dropped to a one day... Never would...
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    Question about Universal during Horror Nights

    My kids are pushing to do Universal this fall... My concern is that during the time we would be able to go there they will be doing the Horror Nights and our youngest is way to young for the Horror Nights... Does anyone know if they close the parks early for the Horror Nights or is this just...
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    Wasted space from unused handicapped seating.

    Just got back from a trip with the mother-in-law that is in a wheel chair. Must say it was the first time we experienced the park with someone in a wheel chair, and there was one thing that truly bugged everyone in our party.... When you would go to a show they would direct the person in a...
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    Is it just me or have some shows gotten shorter?

    We just got back from a trip and while we were there we did a couple of shows that we hadn't done in several years... but unless everyone in the family is wrong some of the shows just seemed shorter than we remembered... Little Mermaid seemed shorter, Beauty and the Beast also didn't seem as...
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