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  1. fractal

    Inside Evermore, where the future of theme parks is not about rides but play

    Not sure where this belongs, but with the new Star Wars resort coming I thought it clearly speaks to a "new" and welcome (in my opinion) movement in Theme Parks. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/herocomplex/la-et-ms-evermore-future-of-theme-parks-20181109-story.html snipit... The future...
  2. fractal

    How to Find the Perfect Angle

    https://petapixel.com/2018/08/06/how-to-find-the-perfect-angle/ There is a tool in your kit that beginners rarely use to full advantage. I’m talking about your feet. At first, they may not seem like critical kit, but let me assure you — they are. And here’s why. “A good photograph is knowing...
  3. fractal

    How do I insert a gif in my post?

    When I try to insert it like a photo (using the icon) I get an error message.
  4. fractal

    Sony introduces A7iii

    Killer camera. https://www.dpreview.com/news/8128895545/sony-launches-a7-iii-sub-2000-24mp-full-frame-mirrorless-with-a7r-iii-s-advances Sony has announced the a7 III, a sub-$2000 image-stabilized 24MP full frame mirrorless camera that incorporates many of the features and improvements...
  5. fractal

    Ursula loses her head at DLR

    Yikes! http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2018/01/29/disney-villain-beheaded-at-california-theme-park-in-ride-malfunction.html
  6. fractal

    John Lasseter taking leave of absence among misconduct allegations

  7. fractal

    Disney shares drop 3 percent after CEO Iger warns profits will be the same as last year

  8. fractal

    Trip Report When can we do this again? A Fractal family Odyssey. *COMPLETED*

    Definition of odyssey: : a long journey full of adventures : a series of experiences that give knowledge or understanding to someone Not too long ago I had a lot of doubt this trip would ever happen. The financial cost of higher education, the fact my wife Val wanted to go anywhere BUT...
  9. fractal

    Tips on Shooting Dark Rides

    doing some videos on youtube with a focus on photo tips at Disney. Feedback would be welcome!
  10. fractal

    Photobucket just broke billions of photos

    Looks like they decided you have to pay $399/year to allow you to post your photos in forums. My smugmug account, which is superior to photobucket starts at $5.99/month. I really feel bad for those that have photos posted in various thread/trip reports and sites over the years. For the...
  11. fractal

    July 25th to 30th - anyone?

    I'll be back at WDW from the 25th to 30th. Anyone else there for a quick hello?
  12. fractal

    Pre-Trip All-aboard! Yacht Club in July '17.

    Since 2007 our family tradition has been to go to WDW every two years. The tradition almost died in 2015 but 3 out of 5 of us saved it with a day trip. This year, with the help of a convention, we are going to the Yacht Club in July! The Specifics (so far). I am a member of AHEPA which is...
  13. fractal

    WDW Video Clip of the Day

    Let's share our video clips we've taken at the WDW or any Disney property! No hard and fast rules - try to keep them no longer than roughly 2 or 3 minutes. Here's a clip traveling on 7 seas lagoon one evening on the way to Magic Kingdom from Wilderness Lodge.
  14. fractal

    Canon Full Frame mirrorless coming

    http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/specs-rumored-mirrorless-canon-6dii-clone/ Still unofficial but it's coming. The new 6DII will have a mirrorless clone that according to several sources is currently being field tested.
  15. fractal

    3 Top Secret Projects Disney Is Developing That Will Change Theme Parks Forever

  16. fractal

    Mirrorless goes Medium Format

  17. fractal

    Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape) passed away

    Sad day in the Photography world. Michael Reichmann founder of Luminous Landscape website passed at age 71. His rolling review of the Sony NEX-7 (and the Sony 24mm 1.8z) is a big reason I purchased that combo. Rest in Peace...
  18. fractal

    The Problem with Modern Optics

    As somebody who owns a number of old "legacy" lenses I've adapted to my Sony NEX-7, I found the following article very interesting and informative. It helps explain (at least to me) why the shots I take with an old Minolta 50mm 1.4 seem to have more "character" and rendering than a modern 50mm...
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