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    The Land research projects question

    I really enjoyed the Behind the Seeds tour I took at The Land last year. Does anyone know if Disney publishes papers or other information on any of the research projects they are involved with at The Land pavilion greenhouses? I'd like to read about some of the projects and results they are...
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    Attraction Sponsor Re-Start

    Ok - There was another thread started by djronnieb intended (I think!) to discuss the cost of sponsoring a WDW attraction. It was a promising start but quickly drifted from the original subject. Since I thought it was an interesting topic worthy of further discussion, and I didn't think the...
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    Comfort Suites Maingate East?

    Has anybody stayed here within the past year or so? It looks pretty nice. http://www.comfortsuitesfl.com/
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    Pirates Rehab?

    Hi all! I did some searches and I know there have been a few threads on this subject in the past, but nothing very recent. Althought WDWMagic is my favorite site and I visit it often (keep up the good work!), I do occasionally visit some of the other sites. To get to the point, there is a...
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