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  1. mebucko

    Hotels water supply

    Good Morning! The last time we stayed at the Poly, several years ago, my wife had an allergic skin reaction to the water in the shower,, sink, etc. It wasn't the soap, as she brings her own. Her skin is very sensitive, but she did not have a similar reaction at the Grand or the Contemp. Do all...
  2. mebucko

    Jazz a cappella group at American Adventure (not Voices of Liberty)

    Hello! Been racking my brain trying to remember the name of the jazz a cappella group that performed years ago at the American Adventure, alternating with Voices of Liberty. I think somewhere I even have a CD of them. We even saw them at a Christmas performance outdoors by the Christmas...
  3. mebucko

    WDW Resort soap, continued!!

    Hello All! Great news! H2O+ is now again supplying their Sea Salt Bath Soap in the hotels (at least at the Grand)! We just returned from a stay there (wonderful!), and the bar soap is back.- same wonderful aroma! When we returned home we found an email from H2O+ advising it can be purchased...
  4. mebucko

    The Edison

    Hello! Any new updates on when The Edison will open? The last I heard was Spring 2017. We're going May 2-10, 2017. Thanks, and Ch-Ears, Bill
  5. mebucko

    Narcoosee's for a vegan??

    Hello!, My wife is vegan, and we were wondering if anyone has had experience with ordering vegan at Narcoosee's? Will the chefs work with the vegan diner, as do other restaurants? Thanks, and Ch-Ears! Bill
  6. mebucko


    Good Morning! Any new estimates as to when Paddlefish will open/start taking reservations? Thanks!! Ch-Ears, Bill
  7. mebucko


    Good Morning! Not sure this belongs here, but the D-Cot web site has been wonderful to listen to for Disney music, especially WDW, online. As of this morning I have been unable to log on ,as the site has "migrated" (their term).. They advised to log on, and they would email a new password., but...
  8. mebucko

    WDW Resort soap

    Good Evening! For info, I just tried to place a refill order with H2O Plus, for the tiny soap bar , with that wonderful Disney Resort aroma. I had last ordered them in March of this year. It was no where to be found on the H2O website, where I had previously ordered them. I emailed the company...
  9. mebucko

    The Edison

    Good Morning! Has anyone heard of an opening date for The Edison, other than "2016"? Thanks! Bill
  10. mebucko

    Future Corps

    Hello! Do you miss Future Corps as much as I do? They were a perfect combination of musical talent, humor, and Disney pizzaz! I know one of the great drummers is now with the JAMMitors. They were always a must see for us - hope they are all doing well! Ch-Ears, Bill
  11. mebucko

    Grand Floridian rooms

    Hello! A brand new world for us! We have been Poly People for years, and thought a change of tempo would be nice and invigorating! We know the Grand is more $$ than the Poly (Garden View), but what would be recommended at the Grand - Garden(Standard) or Lagoon view? Which buildings? The trip is...
  12. mebucko

    Disney Park Music online

    Good Morning! As of today, Live365 and some other streaming music stations are gone because of royalty disputes. Live365 was our "go-to" for WDW park music - we are REALLY going to miss it!! Can anyone suggest an alternative online source for this Magic Music? Not sure if Pandora is a effected...
  13. mebucko

    Signing in to MDE

    Is anyone else having difficulty signing in to MDE today (11/11/15) It asks for a new password and confirmation, then asks about reading the privacy policy and park policy. When I have completed all of this, it says an error has occurred, and it doesn't show that I have clicked the appropriate...
  14. mebucko

    Jock's Hangar Bar

    Good Morning! Know it is new, but has anyone observed whether or not it has been overly crowded - especially during the lunchtime hours? It looks like a fantastic stop during our early December trip! Thanks, and Cheers! Bill
  15. mebucko

    Reservations at Jock's??

    Hello! Does anyone know if there will be a section of Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar set aside for reservations? Love the photos of the food and the imaginative naming of the dishes! Ch-Ears! Bill
  16. mebucko

    The Boathouse

    Hello All! We have two dinner reservations for our trip in December - cannot wait! Have read there are three dining rooms (plus the bar areas). Have also heard that there is music. Does anyone have a recommended dining area, and which has the live music? Would love to eat outside, but December...
  17. mebucko

    The Boathouse reservations

    Hello! Is getting ANY reservation here - lunch or dinner - becoming the new "Be Our Guest"? Just tried to get ADRs from today (180+10) to December 7th - no luck. Tried both calling and online. I've signed up for Disney Dining Buddy and will be persistent and patient. I understand it might be...
  18. mebucko

    bluezoo reservations

    Hello! Is it best to make reservations through the restaurant directly or through Disney Dining. I've been spot-checking dates in the Fall, and there seems to be no availability through the MDE site, on any dates I tried. Also, we are not on a Disney Dining Plan, and were wondering if we could...
  19. mebucko

    Poly Bathroom Faucets?

    OK, a VERY unusual question! We stayed at our favorite Poly Longhouse, Fiji, this past February. Loved it, as always! It had undergone a rehab since our last visit. We are trying to identify the manufacturer of the bathroom sink faucets. We really liked them, and want to use them for our own...
  20. mebucko

    For Poly Lovers, and more....

    Good Morning! Have you seen the new Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown? They have resort-themed merchandise at one of the stores, "Centerpiece", including "Aloha" plates, with the Poly design, and a great looking tiki that looks like it could have from the Poly landscape, plus what looks like mugs...
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