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  1. Smooch

    News New Parade: Magic Happens

    I am really sorry if this has been answered before or if this info is even available, but does anyone know how long this parade will be running? I tried checking the Disneyland site and this thread but I didn't see anything anywhere, I'm not sure if there isn't a set period or if I'm just...
  2. Smooch

    Will Disneyland USA suffer? Both Chinese Disneyland's Closed Indefinitely Due to Coronavirus

    Dang this is making me worry, I'm waiting for my decision for the DCP and I applied to both parks and I'm sure this is all having a negative impact on how many people they let into the program. I've been waiting for 3 weeks now and still nothing.
  3. Smooch

    Least immersive attraction at DLR?

    I remember when I was so young that I had to wear my extra thick shoes to be tall enough to ride the Jumpin' Jellyfish. I think it's at least better themed than Mulholland Madness was, the colors of the Jellyfish look nice and it barely takes any space, plus the tower it's all on is decorated...
  4. Smooch

    Tomorrowland Overhaul Speculation

    Yeah I get that it can look weird up close and be confusing but do they not have anyone standing kinda far away watching if the pieces look correct in their position for the overall design?
  5. Smooch

    Best ride in all of WDW?

    Judging a ride based on a video is laughable IMO. Watching a video doesn't immerse you the way actually riding it does, you don't get the full scale and immersion. One simple thing that would make ROTR seem laughable on video is the fact that basically every person who has ridden the ride has...
  6. Smooch

    Tomorrowland Overhaul Speculation

    I really don't understand how they can mess this up. Do they not check the orientation of the pieces? When they're put up and they notice it's upside down why don't they fix it? Do they not notice at all? It's so confusing to me how can they screw up something so simple.
  7. Smooch

    News Does Disney have a Mickey and Minnie problem?

    Everyone's coming out of the woodworks for this thread. It's cool to see unfamiliar names with such old accounts!
  8. Smooch

    Least immersive attraction at DLR?

    Sky School is definitely up there for least immersive. I used to enjoy it as a kid when it was Mulholland Madness cause it was a fun coaster and I loved the feeling of the sharp turns over the edges where you felt like you were gonna fall off, but as I've gotten older I have noticed how...
  9. Smooch

    News Does Disney have a Mickey and Minnie problem?

    I'll just give my two cents and personal experience: I'm 20 and have gone to the parks with my family since I could remember. I always associated Mickey Mouse with Disney because I went to Disneyland. I never watched Mickey cartoons as a child, but I did watch all the classic Disney Vault...
  10. Smooch

    DCA turns 19 this Saturday (2/8/2020)

    I forgot how ugly the sun on the ferris wheel was oh my gosh. I do agree the Mickey on the wheel looks a hundred times better and I did really enjoy WoC when I watched it with friends two years ago, but I still wish we could've kept the Mickey loop. Their goal was to infuse more Disney IPs into...
  11. Smooch

    DCA turns 19 this Saturday (2/8/2020)

    I much preferred the Mickey loop to the sun they switched it to. I don't get why they did, though? When they started redoing the park, they worked on adding Disney characters to things (Goofy's Fly School, Silly Symphony Swings) yet turned the Mickey Mouse loop which looked super cool the way...
  12. Smooch

    News Disney Sets Sights on Possible Hollywood Land Reimagining at Disney California Adventure

    This is probably too optimistic but I highly doubt they would change Casablanca to HSM 2 or anything like that. Why spend the money and time developing new scenes when they can just send over the ones from Florida?
  13. Smooch

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Use a seam ripper to take the tag off, if it looks obviously altered then cuff the beanie and voila, free non-branded beanie.
  14. Smooch

    News Main Street Fire

    I'm sure everyone is gonna say they "know someone who works at Disney and they said..." so I'm gonna wait to see the funniest answer and that will be what I choose to believe ;)
  15. Smooch

    High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Thread!

    Last semester I had a sort of shifted schedule where my classes were either online / later in the day, so I ended up staying up later and sleeping in later than usual, so I watched all the Disney+ originals at midnight between Thursday and Friday when they released and I did the same thing...
  16. Smooch

    High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Thread!

    Hey there, I am sure this is going to be met with a lot of laughter and criticism but I am truly curious if anyone else here has watched HSM:TM:TS and if so what their thoughts were. I waited til like 5 episodes were out before I started out of sheer boredom and curiosity one night and after I...
  17. Smooch

    SPOILERS: The Mandalorian S1 Chapter 8

    It's like what Disney has been trying to do with their rides, part screen part set, but they don't seem to realize that without all the post production that goes into making these shots look more natural. I would really be fine with screens in rides if they were only used in addition to sets to...
  18. Smooch

    Actor Jake Lloyd Who Played Anakin Skywalker in 'Star Wars' Taken to Psychiatric Facility *UPDATED STATUS*

    I only just recently learned about his condition when my brother mentioned it to me in a conversation a few months ago. It is so sad he endured such ridicule in school and I am so sad to learn he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to deal with...
  19. Smooch

    2019-Gaming discussion

    I'm pretty young so I wasn't even close to being alive back then, but with my experience Nintendo has always been my family's console of choice. When me and my brothers were really young, my dad bought us all an N64 (this was around 2004ish so after the GameCube had already been out for a...
  20. Smooch

    2019-Gaming discussion

    I am a PC gamer and have a Switch and it has slowly become my most used device for games. I still play PC games but I just prefer Nintendo's library, I have played Nintendo games since I was a baby. CD PR is a very good company as well, always take their time to create true art, and Square-Enix...
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