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    When are you going to fix that yeti?

    Of course they are a business, but that line takes a company who has developed and nurtured a consumer expectation of high standards and lumps them in with your neighborhood fast food restaurants. This quote comes from the Disney Institute, and I know it was prioritized in Traditions: "Disney's...
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    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    Maybe they are missing it, but I hear you loud and clear and can still believe there's a reason to fear DME charges one day. If Disney pushes hard enough, they can build up a strong reliance on DME by a large core. If management strategies don't alter course, Disney will deem a small fee to use...
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    Len Testa Crowd Analysis

    As a Louisianian who has visited often during Mardi Gras since the 80s, I can understand the frustration, since I was there, too. But, the number of visitors from here became slightly ridiculous by the late 90s; this is not a recent development. I would argue it feels worse than usual for the...
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