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  1. Wintermelon43

    How would you rank how much of a thrill each thrill ride is?

    I was wondering, out of curiosity, how much of a thrill each ride is (or, for the future ride's, what it's expected to be). I was curious to see if what I'm thinking is accurate. I haven't been on all of these and I don't know for sure about the upcoming coaster's predictions are, and I was...
  2. Wintermelon43

    How tall is the drops on Tower of Terror?

    Probably a stupid question, but, how long is the drops on the Tower of Terror? I've never been on it, but I want ro know what the length of them are in case I ever do go on it.
  3. Wintermelon43

    How far into construction have they gotten for Toy Story and Star Wars land?

    So, as the title says, how much of the Toy Story and Star Wars lands has been constructed so far? For some reason, I can't find it anywhere.
  4. Wintermelon43

    Have you ever been stuck on a ride?

    Random question. I was stuck on Primavel Whirl once, had to be evacuatated complety and was given a fastpass back to the ride, which we gave to somebody else since we didn't want to go back on.
  5. Wintermelon43

    Complete List

    Can I have a complete list of everything that is being taken down, ans their replacement if its confirmed?
  6. Wintermelon43

    Unmagicial Moments

    What are your unmagicial moments in Walt Disney World? For me, none, LOL. I just wanna see you guys's
  7. Wintermelon43

    Trip Report Trip Report june 2013

  8. Wintermelon43

    Is there any rides you've never been on and never want to go on?

    Is there any rides you've never been on and never want to go on? Tower Of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster for me.i've never been on them and never want to go on them.here are reasons: tower of terror:Rides that are just huge going downs make me sick.obviualy i lovge it if there's 1 or 2 huge...
  9. Wintermelon43

    What do you think would be the worst and best ride to get stuck on at all wdw parks

    For Magic Kingdom i'd say It's a Small world would be bad.The song would be stuck in my head forever.Splash would be bad only if you are at the dark,hill,or waterfall,Buzz and mansion would be the best depending on where you're at.Mansion would be bad at the pre ride thing and some creepy...
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