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    Resort availability

    What resorts are hard to get in to the weekend October 8-12? I know it’s food and wine so the anything near Epcot. But we are thinking about trying to rent a studio at OKW. Would that be hard to get? We are also open to changing our dates to a shorter trip from October 31-November 3 if that is a...
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    Single day tickets

    Is there any place to get single day park to park tickets that would be cheaper than buying direct from universal? Most of the discounts I have come across seem all be for mutiday tickets...
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    Food and Wine on the DDP

    It has been a few years since we have been to wdw and gone to the food and wine festival. We will be using the DDP. I know that this is not always the best use of a credit and that some think the DDP is not a good deal etc etc, so all that aside...Can anybody tell me what changes, if any, have...
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    Lunch at kona cafe

    We have never eaten here and plan to try it out on our fall visit since we have heard such great things. My wife and I love sushi and want to eat it somewhere on property, but one thing I have been trying to figure out is if they serve sushi at lunch at kona cafe or not... Does anybody know for...
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    POFQ to Epcot via monorail

    For our upcoming trip my wife and I were thinking it would be neat to try to take the monorail to Epcot in the morning. We are staying at the French quarter and I know normally we would just take the bus, but we thought it would be neat to enter Epcot on the monorail just once even if it is out...
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    Park tours

    Does anybody have recommendations for the different behind the scenes tours at all the parks? My wife and I have never done any of these but have been considering doing one or two on our fall trip. We've talked about the behind the seeds tour or undiscovered future world for Epcot and the wild...
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    Breakfast in france

    I have read before about how neat it is to have breakfast at the QS bakery in France at Epcot and this has me wondering how you would get to this if world showcase doesn't open at the same time as future world? Or is this something you would as more of a brunch type thing once you can get there?
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    AP for out of state

    Sorry if this has been covered recently, but I searched and all the threads I saw where really old....So anyway, while planning my next trip I got to think about the annual passes and the discounts they offer. Has anybody done the math or figured out the cutoff on how long your trip needs to be...
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    Surprise Christmas/Anniversary

    I am planning a surprise trip for my wife for Christmas. I will only be giving her the confirmation for Christmas as the trip will actually be on our anniversary in October. I am looking at the Caribbean beach resort as of right now because we have never stayed there before. Is there anything...
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    The Disney parks blog has been posting a lot about horizons over the last week or two (at least it seems that way to me). That has got me thinking, could they be doing this because something is going on behind the scenes that hasn't been announced to try to bring this back? Or am I just wishful...
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    Resale question

    I have a question that I've looked for the answer to but haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for for an answer. My wife and I have been considering purchasing dvc through resale and we are aware of the limitations of using the point toward the resort collection, cruises, etc. My...
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