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  1. Scuttle

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    I highly doubt it since they have to do an elevated crosswalk. Those take some time.
  2. Scuttle

    Pandora: World of Avatar attractions incident 3/29

    I miss the pre-Twitter/drone aerial photo days. Some of my finest times flying were those trips.
  3. Scuttle

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Add an image of George Foreman to the sides and it’s complete.
  4. Scuttle

    Tron Test Track

    Agreed, the original concept worked much much better. I miss that queue and all the kinetic energy it brought.
  5. Scuttle

    Aunt Polly's to reopen for limited time!

    I still have hope this could materialize.
  6. Scuttle

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    People don’t care what users with 6,000 posts in a year have to say.
  7. Scuttle

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    Really? The layout I saw clearly had it at the Outpost. Interesting.
  8. Scuttle

    News Space Mountain exit being worked on

    No nod to RCAs Home of Future Living?!? Boooooooo This is only an improvement because the moving walkway exit was a disaster even when working. Big time missed opportunity at some still sets that would have costed TDO next to nothing and been a huge fan pleaser.
  9. Scuttle

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    Agreed... and it’ll be nice to have a show scene that’s post 1978. It’d be nice if they did a show scene showcasing the “Internet of Things”
  10. Scuttle

    Tom Sawyer Island - 2 Month Refurb

    This is a fantastic idea. It could be a draw for parents to take their kids over and walk around the island with a cocktail or beer. I would certainly take my kids over for an hour to get a couple drinks and take a break from the crowds.
  11. Scuttle

    The trees in front of Haunted Mansion have been cut down

    I’m more worried about how the hedges look now. Looks like they just whacked them all down.
  12. Scuttle

    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    Side note.. I was at Disneyland last week for 12 hours straight and didn’t sweat once. What a difference to leave after all day and not smell my butt on the ride home. Sorry, I went off track there a bit. Smell is one hell of a memory trigger.
  13. Scuttle

    News Spaceship Earth closing early each day next week for planned maintenance

    Coming fresh off a day at Disneyland while I was out in LA... I now get it. I almost forgot the days of pre FP+. It’s really a BS system. Today at Epcot we didn’t even need FP+. Frozen got to 50 minutes and TT to 60 but I know those were inflated times to make FP+ seem actually valuable. I used...
  14. Scuttle

    Happy 47th & 36th Birthdays MK, Epcot, & The Walt Disney World Resort

    Why even do this?!? What a pathetic joke. Did they even do commerative guide maps for the 45th?
  15. Scuttle

    How can you ride the monorail for free?

    Paradoxically it’s the opposite.
  16. Scuttle

    How can you ride the monorail for free?

    The contemporary has notoriously been the strictest with parking. Assuming since people want to take advantage of the walkway.
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