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  1. RobbinsDad

    Surprise, surprise! The Nutcracker movie stinks.

    https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_nutcracker_and_the_four_realms/ Another $100 million+ dud for WDS live action films. You have to go back to a long way to find a live action film success that wasn't a) an acquired franchise (SW, Marvel, Muppets), b) a sequel, or c) a remake of an animated...
  2. RobbinsDad

    Star Wars Episode IX - Trevorrow out as director

    http://variety.com/2017/film/news/colin-trevorrow-exits-star-wars-episode-ix-1202548088/ Apparently Rian Johnson is the favorite to continue the series in Ep 9.
  3. RobbinsDad

    Frozen Holiday Wish before MVMCP cancelled?

    All the research I've seen shows that Frozen Holiday Wish is offered on MVMCP party nights at 6:15 before the party, and 8:00 during the party. We're attending MK on 12/17 but not the party. Touring Plans originally had the 6:15 time available but now suddenly it's gone - only showing the 8:00...
  4. RobbinsDad

    180+10 Dining reservations online help

    Hello all. Tomorrow is our day 180, and I'm working on getting everything ready for my sunrise surfing the Disney dining site for reservations (apparently if there's no BOG dinner res the vacation is ruined). I have a question about the 180+10 rule and how it works - if I'm logged in to My...
  5. RobbinsDad

    Using DDP credits on departure day

    Quick question - I know the DDP gives credits per night of stay at hotel. Can you use credits on your departure day after check out? I've used credits the morning of departure before check out, but never tried after. Thanks!
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