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  1. dm11

    Linking tickets sold as exchange certificates to your MDE account

    There is an offer for Canadian Residents - 25% off on 4-Day or longer tickets (valid for purchases by Feb 28). However, according to the Disney site they are sold as exchange certificates. The certificates are then upgraded to Magic Your Way tickets at the gate. Does anybody know if you can...
  2. dm11

    Are Flower and Garden Festival's topiaries removed right away?

    We are going to WDW mid-May and I was wondering if the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival's topiaries are removed right away after the festival ends on May 15th? We will be there on May 16 and I was hopping to still see topiaries. Thanks.
  3. dm11

    Best hotel pool for 5 and 3 year old?

    We are going to WDW in May for a week and trying to settle for a hotel. One thing that is important to us is good pool for young children. Things like zero depth entry, spray areas, maybe small slide, etc. So far we are thinking between Polynesian, Contemporary, BLT, GF and AKL. They all look...
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