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  1. rcapolete

    Hey There!

    Welcome to the party
  2. rcapolete

    Dumb guests doing dumb things.....

    I remember years ago a guy was in the train. As it past Tomorrowland he decided he wanted to get off. Let's just say the conductor and security were none to happy.
  3. rcapolete

    What was your Experience with the Cardmember Character Experience at Epcot?

    It was great when we did it in April. No wait, got to spend a good amount of time with Goody and Mickey, not the normal rush job of a regular meet and greet.
  4. rcapolete

    Anti- Autism Suit Against Disney Update

    No it not. They have ordering boards there and the waiters deliver to the table. Done it numerous times. Would you like a shovle to help you dig out of some of your comments to?
  5. rcapolete

    Anti- Autism Suit Against Disney Update

    I really wish you take a step back and think before you post silly comments. So a person that may have a disability should be dropped off possible by themselves while someone else parks? What about kids or ederly or if the person drive themselves?
  6. rcapolete

    Anti- Autism Suit Against Disney Update

    Funny I skied most Northeast ski slopes from Jersey to Vermont and have seen more than a handful of handicap skiers going back to when I started in 1991
  7. rcapolete

    Anti- Autism Suit Against Disney Update

    So handicap people don't need to use the restroom in the building at Sonic? My mother shouldn't be able to watch her grandkids ice-skate? The need for a handicap parking spot is a completely different scenario than the issue Disney is facing. You need to show medical necessity as well as a...
  8. rcapolete

    Navi River Journey - What is the story?

    Found it very boring honestly with no real point
  9. rcapolete

    Fast Pass and Kids

    Agreed except they were "game time decision". They were rides my parents had gone on before but decided not to at the last minute and since we normally run towards the end of our window for the FP cancelling them wouldn't have helped anyone since the time window was almost over.
  10. rcapolete

    Fast Pass and Kids

    Went with my wife and kids and my parents were with us. There were some rides that the decided against going on at the last minute (think it happened twice). CM told them to scan their brackets anyway to remove the FP from the account.
  11. rcapolete

    Magical Express

    Yes you can. We flew in the night before and stayed at the Hyatt by the airport. Collected our luggage and took it to the hotel that night. Early the next morning we brought our luggage back to the Magical Express and they placed it under the bus. Never had to go to the front desk as the bell...
  12. rcapolete

    Insane crowds, more space needed

    When we were there in April they opened up a backstage gate to allow us to exit. It was to the left when looking down Main street away from the castle. Dropped us outside the main gates by the bus area. Made it really convienent to get out.
  13. rcapolete

    Flight of Passage or River Journey?

    Thought Navi was so not worth the wait and I had a fast pass and didn't wait more than 5 minutes. FoP on the other hand is the greatest ride I have been in. We did it twice and was just as good the second time as the first.
  14. rcapolete

    Flight of Passage, How Does it Rank at WDW in E-Tickets?

    Greatest ride at Disney by a long shot hands down.
  15. rcapolete

    News YouTuber arrested and jailed for prank at Contemporary Resort

    That is nuts. Should be jailed for more than three days. Talk about insensitivity and stupidity.
  16. rcapolete

    New Member

    welcome to the forum.
  17. rcapolete

    GoPro Accessories! HELP

    I used both a nonextending stick and a wrist strap in early April on rides including mine train and splash without issues
  18. rcapolete

    Who else here prefers a stay at a Value Resort versus a Deluxe?

    If money is not an issue then I will always stay in a deluxe resort. The location of most to a park entrance is the main reason. Them in is the other. Now when money comes into play value is the way to go. Just got back from 6 days at the all stars sports and it was perfect. We spent an average...
  19. rcapolete

    What park do you go to first?

    Always MK for me. Something about walking under the train station and heading down Main Street that needs to occur before anything else.
  20. rcapolete

    New member!

    Welcome to the forum
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