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  1. MagicKingdomKing

    iPhone 11 Pro case question

    Do they have a black spire outpost IPhone 11 Pro Phone Case
  2. MagicKingdomKing

    Special slushes?

    Can anyone confirm if Epcot still has the build your own slush. I missed it at food and wine and would like to try it? Is it still ongoing?
  3. MagicKingdomKing

    News Santa Falls On Parade Float

    Santa was caught drinking too much eggnog! The Sleigh Float in the Christmas Parade crashed near the Matterhorn. Santa is fine.
  4. MagicKingdomKing

    News Muppet Vision 3D operating under reduced hours

    MV3D will be showing from 10am to 6pm daily until April 2019.
  5. MagicKingdomKing

    Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Question.

    I haven’t been able to find an awnser to this at all. I like MILF and wouldn’t care if I was on the screen. I can understand why one person in my party doesn’t enjoy being seen with a 100 or so people. Is there a certain row we can set in to not be seen? Thanks
  6. MagicKingdomKing

    Green Army Women coming to toy story land

    I knew this was gonna get political so I put it here... Disney is adding Female Green army MEN cause its "The right thing to do"
  7. MagicKingdomKing

    News Starbucks at Walt Disney World to close tonight

    Tonight all WDW Starbucks locations will close from 3pm to 7pm for the company’s racial bias training
  8. MagicKingdomKing

    Help I need quick

    I know this is Wdw but I need to know about seaworld within a hour or two does empire of the panguin mild have simulator bits? Thanks
  9. MagicKingdomKing

    DLP gets Philharmagic What does this mean for WDW?

    So today at an event they announced philharmagic is coming to the discovery land theater in Disneyland Paris. The theater is now closed until October 2018. That seems like a long time to add it in the projected unless it’s updated? I don’t know though @marni1971
  10. MagicKingdomKing

    Rumor Magic Kingdom 50th rumor tracker

    These are only for RUMORS not news July 12th 2015: @whylightbulb claims Disney is about to aproove a frointerland expansion That calls for a major E-ticket attraction and the return of the seasonal country bear jamboree overlays. November 20th 2016: Bob Chapek announces a Overhaul is coming...
  11. MagicKingdomKing

    Woman claims to be assaulted while watching happily ever after

    These are all her tweets about it put into one Okay so this is about to be a thread but I need everyone who sees this to like and retweet so it’ll go viral. It’s been 3 hours and I’m still shaking I’m so ****ed. : Assaulted at Disney world (with video) So Abner and I took our daughter to...
  12. MagicKingdomKing

    Popcorn Disney springs

    Hey all, I got one of the refillable popcorn buckets where can I fill it in Disney springs
  13. MagicKingdomKing

    News New Pixar magic bands to be first magicband without Mickey touch point

    Today a few new Pixar magic bands were revealed showing the movies logo as the new touch point and the characters
  14. MagicKingdomKing

    News Snake Refused Entry to magic kingdom

    A snake was denied entry and carried away by a cast member at magic kingdom.
  15. MagicKingdomKing

    (AK) Changes coming to Discovery Island

    Today I was surveyed The questions have the generic awnser good poor etc Did you enjoy your experience on discovery island How was the automosphere on discovery island I saw you bought a drink how was your experience with the cast member? How clean was discovery island? How was your interaction...
  16. MagicKingdomKing

    Rumor Foliage and characters to be at each pavilion enterance

    Heard a rumor that Disney might add statues of characters that match each Epcot pavilion for example remy at France marry poppins at UK ETC.
  17. MagicKingdomKing

    Help Staying at Disney springs resort area.

    Ok so we are going up to see smash mouth and we are staying at the resort area does anyone know anymore transportation that’s free in the morning? Cause there bus takes a hour
  18. MagicKingdomKing

    Rumor Rainforest Café 2.0

    On Jim hills disney dish podcast Someone has claimed that someone has seen plans for a rainforest café 2.0 where there will be tree houses
  19. MagicKingdomKing

    Apple toothbrush Colgate?

    Does anyone have one? I'm picking one up tonight.
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