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  1. Baloo62

    New MK welcome show debuts Jan. 9th

    I completely agree and totally understand where you're coming from. I am heart-broken at the loss of the Main Street Station morning show. That may sound overly-dramatic, but I would wager everyone has one special thing they look forward to each and every trip. One thing that gives them actual...
  2. Baloo62

    Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom

    Extremely lonely Russian farmers?
  3. Baloo62

    Express Transportation starting Dec 7th

    That is precisely what it is. Absolutely 1000%. It is a new low...in fact rock bottom. Karma had a great time spending last summer with them. She might just be itching for a magical return trip. Arrogant greedy fools.
  4. Baloo62

    Is this really a thing or is it April 1ST? Cabanas in the parks.

    How about this Diz? For $1200 a day you are given a circular shower curtain to wear around your neck (think Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid). This entitles you to squat over one of 200 5-gallon Home Depot buckets scattered throughout the park whenever nature calls. You pathetic blood-sucking leeches...
  5. Baloo62

    Holidays at Disney Springs 2016

    (earlier, in a cast member break room) "Hey, do you wanna ride with me out to Big Lots in Winter Haven?...I gotta go pick up twelve 5-foot trees."
  6. Baloo62

    PhotoPass comes to Frozen Ever After with on-ride photo

    That's about as interesting and compelling as an on-ride photo of the parking lot tram. Beyond lame.
  7. Baloo62

    New Early morning Studios upcharge event

    I have no doubt that's true. But I was being sarcastic. In reality my reaction is "You miserable bunch of arrogant, money-grubbing nematodes. I'll pass up your limping, half-closed rat trap entirely (which, btw, is not worth the up-charge price for the whole day) and spend my time and money at...
  8. Baloo62

    New Early morning Studios upcharge event

    Karma, please pick up the white courtesy phone.
  9. Baloo62

    New Early morning Studios upcharge event

    What a great deal. I could be finished up with Hollywood Studios by 10:30 then head over to IoA for some real entertainment.
  10. Baloo62

    Frozen Ever After opening day

    I respect your response, but something that can't run more than three consecutive hours has more than kinks. I might cut them some slack if they didn't have two freakin' years to re-theme a minor ride and get their crap together. This is an embarrassment. Heads should roll.
  11. Baloo62

    Frozen Ever After opening day

    That is pathetic and completely inexcusable. Maybe Diz needs to stick to spinner rides and M&Gs. If this is the standard by which Star Wars and Avatar will perform, lotsa luck.
  12. Baloo62

    Frozen Ever After opening day

    Do you wanna gut a herring?
  13. Baloo62

    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    Karma, you are such an incorrigible lil' minx.
  14. Baloo62

    Disney's Social Media in the Wake of Tragedy

    I don't believe I have ever added so many people to my "ignore" list in one thread.
  15. Baloo62

    Orlando Gunman Scouted WDW ...

    This is exactly the point I've been trying to make for the past six months. While the greedy vultures have been salivating over the pocketbooks of their guests, the blood-thirsty jackals are silently stalking the vultures. One doesn't go through life with the moral compass of a personal injury...
  16. Baloo62

    Disney employee stole $112K from restaurant register, deputies say

    $112K at CHH? So that's like, what, 5 Anchors Aweigh sandwiches, 3 Lobster Rolls and a Corn Cobbette?
  17. Baloo62

    Low rates at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin through late August

    Windsor Hills Resort through All Star Vacation Homes. We've stayed in this particular unit during three different vacations (check out the Mickey bedroom), but have stayed in Windsor Hills a total of six times. We've never been anything but exceptionally pleased and, as I mentioned before, it...
  18. Baloo62

    Low rates at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin through late August

    No thanks. For $199 I get 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a personal pool, washer/dryer and total peace and quite less than 5 minutes from the World Drive entrance...and that's during peak times of the year.
  19. Baloo62

    Buffets now $60!!??

    I hear tell Karma just looooves her some $50 Mickey waffles.
  20. Baloo62

    Buffets now $60!!??

    Chef Mickey's is THE biggest rip-off in all of WDW. The biggest differential between food quality and cost at any restaurant. The last time we ate there in 2015 I swore never ever again. Over $300 for my family of five to eat food that would make school cafeteria swill seem like the bill of fare...
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