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  1. EricsBiscuit

    BREAKING NEWS RE Columbia Harbor House

    I went earlier today and was informed, THEY STOPPED GIVING FREE REFILLS!!!! Which is so dumb bc they literally get the syrup sponsored from Coca Cola.
  2. EricsBiscuit

    News Power Glitch at MK

    Currently at MK and there was a power outage due to a storm. It’s a madhouse. Many attractions were down and some still are. Lines for Splash Mountain FP go across the bridge in Frontierland. Big Thunder also has a long line.
  3. EricsBiscuit

    Should we legalize prostitution in the USA?

    The recent arrest of Kraft has brought this issue to my attention. My opinion is that if everyone consents, then it’s none of my business.
  4. EricsBiscuit

    I4 West Bound Construction

    So last night I was leaving MK back home for Tampa and from about exit 14 to exit 10 there was only the right lane open at about 11:20 pm. It was a solid 30 minute delay. I don't know how much longer this will last. Probably a couple more nights at least. Just thought I'd share in case anyone...
  5. EricsBiscuit

    DLRP advice

    I'm going to DLRP for a couple days next week! It'll be our first time going. I'm a WDW veteran and I've been to DL, SDL, and TDL. Any advice?
  6. EricsBiscuit

    News Crane behind BTMRR

    I've spotted a crane behind BTMRR. Idk what for.
  7. EricsBiscuit

    Leftism Is Antithetical to Americanism

    Leftism Is Antithetical to Americanism First, I'd like to start out by defining "Americanism." To do this, look at a coin. First notice that it says, in God we trust. Next "liberty" is stamped next to Lincoln. And finally from many one in Latin. From these clues we can come to the conclusion...
  8. EricsBiscuit

    Socialist Nominated In NY - And Other States!

    Alexdria Cortez Nominated in NY. I just read about this. A admitted socialist getting elected is frightening. Socialism does not work, has never worked, and will never work.
  9. EricsBiscuit

    Eric's Vision For Improving The WDW Experience

    Over the course of my many adventures in theme parks around the globe, I have seen many different takes on some of my favorite attractions. I think that, at one point, WDW was the quintessential Disney experience. But, as time has moved on, certain aspects of the experience have not been updated...
  10. EricsBiscuit

    Loading issue

    I have an issue with when a page loads it takes me to the last post I was on then loads all the media which pushed me away and is annoying. It's a small thing I know. But the potential solution would be to take the user to the last post they saw after loading the media. Thanks.
  11. EricsBiscuit

    Favorite Snack

    What are your favorite snacks at Disney parks? For me, I enjoy the beef sliders at DAK right between Africa and Asia. The potato churros at TDS are awesome as well.
  12. EricsBiscuit

    Opening day background music

    Was there background music on opening day? If not, when was it added? Thanks
  13. EricsBiscuit

    Arm the Schools

    It's time to arm the schools. The Guardian Plan should be every school's security policy. We've seen how armed staff who have a pair and are willing to defend their students as that resource officer did in Maryland (...
  14. EricsBiscuit

    Disneyland opening day maintenance facility?

    Hello! Does anyone know what DL's opening day maintenance facility was (if any) and what their maintenance regiment was? Thanks
  15. EricsBiscuit

    Time to Replace PotC at MK

    The latest change has torn the heart out of the attraction, spat on it, then given it to a first year pre med student. It is simply downhill from here for this old, hodgepodge "attraction." It is time to replace PotC at MK.
  16. EricsBiscuit

    News Fort Langhorn Refurbishment

    Hello. Another thread with some very good news! Fort Langhorn and the bridge connecting it are being refurbished. I asked a coordinator and she said they were "fixin' it up." Another CM said the bridge was "out" and they decided that while the bridge was down, might as well fix the fort some. I...
  17. EricsBiscuit

    News WDWRR Refurbishments

    Hello. The WDWRR has some exciting things going on. Roy O Disney's blue coaches were refurbished and came online last month! They look great, photos from today. Now, Lilly's coaches are being refurbed. She's currently pulling WED's coaches. Speaking of, no update of WED's ongoing refurb in...
  18. EricsBiscuit

    Why blame the gun?

    Since the recent and tragic school shooting in FL, many have been calling for more gun control. They fail to realize it's not the gun that kills, it's the person. The gun is an instrument. If we ban semi automatic guns for example, why don't we ban cars that can go above 60 mph? It's a mental...
  19. EricsBiscuit

    Biggest story in history of American Politics

    The Obama FBI used Oppo research dossier to obtain FIsA warrants to spy on Trump Campaign. New texts are bombshells, showing Obama's involvement. This is huge, bigger than Watergate!
  20. EricsBiscuit

    How can you be a fan of Walt Disney and be a Democrat? READ OP

    I stumbled across this question when conversing with a few friends. For the record, I am Republican. Walt was a true conservative who supported American Values and believed in the goodness of America, something modern day liberals can't admit. Walt was also a Republican (as was Roy). He even...
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