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  1. EOD K9

    Parking fee

    I find it funny that that parking spaces are a standard size but you pay more for the same space. If I’m paying more for a space, I want more square footage.
  2. EOD K9

    Disney & More article on Lighthouse Point

    I *might* be ok with the residents utilizing it on days that our ships aren’t there. Downside, is that it takes more upkeep when it gets used more.
  3. EOD K9

    Brand new, need advice.

    A few years ago I booked three studios at SSR for myself, my parents, and the in-laws. I used my own points and it was hassle free.
  4. EOD K9

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Me too
  5. EOD K9

    Disney Ticket question - 20 years ago -

    I have several of those cards from back then as well. The one I had was called Length of Stay. It didnt matter how many days you stayed, it expired on the last day. It worked as the ticket and room key.
  6. EOD K9

    Annual dues

    As someone who watches cop shows, lawyer shows, and plays a lawyer on TV, I concur.
  7. EOD K9


    I was able to get one night on the back end of my cruise in July. We got a one bedroom as each daughter gets a bed and we can do laundry after the cruise. We try to rotate resorts after each cruise to mix things up every year. Being as we havent stayed there, it adds to a new experience. I'll...
  8. EOD K9

    Where to find DVC owners with great reviews

    I've rented to people here who have had good track records posting. I have usally rented at a dollar less per point or so compared to the middle man sites. That being said though, I had over 100 points left over and they found me a renter fairly quickly. We shall see how it works once I get...
  9. EOD K9

    Rent a Deluxe Disney Vacation Club Villa without being a DVC member

    I'll rent points if SSR is 11 months out and 7 for all others.
  10. EOD K9

    Ground transportation to/from port canaveral

    Bell Services will hold your things until your room is ready. It takes about an hour and a half from WDW to PC. You can log in and give your arrival time. They will then give you a boarding group number from there. Being as the ship disembarks then embarks the same day, I believe you...
  11. EOD K9

    Ground transportation to/from port canaveral

    I'll help you with some info. Disney Transfers are expensive. The upside is that if the bus breaks down or if there is an issue, they are more likely to hold the ship until you ger there. DCL transfers are available on embark/debarkation days to/from the airport and port and Disney hotels...
  12. EOD K9

    Formal nights? Or not?

    I’m not the clothes patrol either, but the 17 year old that comes in with cutoffs and a crop top to Animator’s Palette will get some looks from people. I think there should be some form of dress code enforced.
  13. EOD K9

    Is this really a service dog?

    You know how people run around on “Stolen Valor” videos and screaming Stolen Valor?.....can we come up with something similar? I’m ok with yelling “Fraud” at people.
  14. EOD K9

    One more reason why we don’t sail with this cruise line...

    I believe Captain E.J Smith was involved in just three crashes in his career.
  15. EOD K9


    Beat me to it.
  16. EOD K9

    ROTR has really changed my mind about SWGE.

    I’m trying to figure out if it is ok for two 6 year olds. Does it feel far or just enough to give a sensation that something happened?
  17. EOD K9

    ROTR has really changed my mind about SWGE.

    The video looks amazing. There is a point that looks like there is a “drop”. Is that a small affect or an actual change in elevation? Thanks in advance.
  18. EOD K9

    Transfer points

    Sooooo, you want to rent points???
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