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  1. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Tower of Terror Desktop Wallpaper

    Hey everyone! After having conquered Tower of Terror during this year's recent trip, I decided to create my own take on a Tower of Terror desktop wallpaper. Enjoy! Here it is: (New Link that doesn't start the downloading immediately)...
  2. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Crowds last week?

    This is a question for anybody who was at the world last week... What were the crowds like? Were they manageable?. The reason I ask is because I will be down the week of the 8th, and with the free dining in the later part of the month I would like to think it won't be as crowded as usual. Don't...
  3. IfWeCanDreamIt

    In-Room Safe Size?

    Does anyone here know from experience whether or not the in-room safes are big enough to hold an iPad? More specifically, the ones in the Beach Club resort? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  4. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Retro Epcot shirts

    I haven't been for a few years now, and was wondering if they still had a good selection of retro epcot shirts. Also, wondering if they might have a few new ones even. Thanks in advance!
  5. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Early August crowds

    I was just wondering if anyone might know what the crowds would be like in the first week or so of August. Thanks in advance for any response!
  6. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Interview, here I come!

    I have successfully completed the phone interview, and now I am just waiting for the face to face interview locations and times for the international summer program. Any advice for the interview?
  7. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Just waiting for a response now!

    I just had my phone interview today for the summer work program, and I think I aced it! Now all that's left is to get a response saying whether or not they want a face to face interview.
  8. IfWeCanDreamIt

    International Summer Program?

    I am a 19 year old Canadian male, looking to participate in the summer program offered to international students. I was wondering if anyone here has done this before. If so, is there any important information or tips that might be helpful to me? I have heard about and considered doing this for a...
  9. IfWeCanDreamIt

    November Crowds

    Just curious... What are the crowds like in November. I have heard from family members who have been down there during that time, that the crowds are virtually non existent. Wait times for every attraction were said to be very reasonable. Is this true?
  10. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Space Paranoids!

    As part of the continual marketing effort for Tron Legacy, Disney has created an online version of Space Paranoids. It's in 3d and works pretty good for an online gaming experience. Check it out here: http://www.spaceparanoidsonline.com
  11. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Ink and Paint Club

    Were there ever any plans to make an Ink and Paint Club attraction/Dinner show in Hollywood Studios? I just recently watched Roger Rabbit for the first time in a long time and I was wondering, with all the technology they have now, could they not (if they wanted to) create an amazing interactive...
  12. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Hollywood Tower Hotel Theme

    I have a proposition for anyone willing to hear it. If anyone has any pictures of the tower of terror that they wouldn't mind sharing with me, I'll make a new Windows 7 theme based on the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Likewise, if anyone would like me to do a Typhoon Lagoon theme or Blizzard Beach...
  13. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Windows 7 themes

    Hello all! For those of you who have Windows 7 running on your computer, you're in luck (only because I have Windows 7 as well :)). I have for you, available for download right now, two Windows 7 themes! One is for the Magic Kingdom, the other is Animal Kingdom, and I soon will have an Epcot...
  14. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Filling in the land

    Here's a question to ponder. If the Walt Disney World property had not needed to be filled in so much because of all the swamp land, do you think the shape and layout of the parks would be drastically different?
  15. IfWeCanDreamIt

    WDW Park-Centric Merchandise Round Up!!!

    I thought I'd start a thread having everything to do with some of the best Park-Centric merchandise. This can be anything from a retro Epcot shirt, to a retro Magic Kingdom shirt, or anything that focuses on a specific park. Here, you can share a newly discovered piece of merchandising. This...
  16. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Contemporary artwork

    Does anyone know where I'd be able to obtain that one concept-like art piece that had the water skier skiing in front of the contemporary. i've been looking all over, and can't seem to find it anywhere. Please help me out if you can!!
  17. IfWeCanDreamIt

    The prominence of Apple

    Who says being on the company board doesn't have perks! Not only is Apple referenced to in Spaceship Earth, but I only recently realized, that the sound that chimes when Wall-E finishes charging himself up in the sun is none other than the boot up sound for a Macintosh. Craziness!!!!
  18. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Bay Lake Tower, a nice dvc building, but...

    Does anyone else think that the Bay Lake Tower shouldn't have necessarily connected to the Contemporary A-Frame. It's just that since I was down in August (23rd-31st), with the crowds like they were, it seemed the Grand Canyon Concourse's capacity was being stressed past it's original...
  19. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Kali River Rapids Shirts

    Not sure if anyone knows about these, but when i was down this August, they had some nice Kali river rapids shirts that caught my eye. They had a few different ones, but the one I picked up was blue, and looked almost identical to the attraction sign. I found it in a smaller merchandise cart...
  20. IfWeCanDreamIt

    What a trip!

    Just came back from a stay at the contemporary resort, which lasted from August 23rd to The 31st. One thing that really made an impression on me was the crazy crowd level. I know the free dining attracted the majority of the crowd(which is to be expected), but this seemed like utter chaos. We...
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