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  1. Fairybuzz

    So what's it like working as a cm/char

    After graduation, I'm thinking about trying out for a face character, hoping for Cinderella, alice, or Tink :). I'm wondering how it all works, I'm like totally oblivious about where I go to, how it works etc. I was just wondering (and sorry its a lot lol I just want to make sure I do it right)...
  2. Fairybuzz

    Original Illuminations track listing

    Does anyone have a track listing for the original illuminations? If so does anyone have a list of what songs each country played? (when they were lit up)
  3. Fairybuzz

    Disneyland Magic Kingdom My Way

    Hey guys I was thinking about doing a Magic Kingdom park on Rollercoaster tycoon and I just wanted map out my ideas see what people think and put it all down so I can organize my brain a bit. So this is going to be either Disneyland Hawaii or Disneyland Australia. I'm not certain yet. But I'll...
  4. Fairybuzz

    Hershey's Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4-D review (mouthful wow)

    Hey, I wanted to review this attraction because it is very disney like and I was able to have it fresh in my mind from a few days ago. Background: (skip if you know this stuff) Anyway Hersheypark shares its grounds with a unique-ish attraction center called "Chocolate World". In many ways...
  5. Fairybuzz

    Ruin Your Favorite Rides! (Aka UN-Imagineering)

    Ok I'm taking a little risk here but I thought we could all get silly and have some fun. We have a lot of ideas on how to improve attractions/places we feel need it. However here, you get a chance to pick a few of your favorites or just any rides and think of a worst case scenario for an...
  6. Fairybuzz

    Advice for taking my five year old sis

    Do to a few unfortunate circumstances, me and my sis are on our own (yes a lot like Lilo's situation). I surprised her this year by deciding to take her to Disney World with us (me and my gf) next may, and she can't wait to go! However I have never played "mommy" before and I'm just looking...
  7. Fairybuzz

    Questions about Princess Dinings

    Next year when I save up enough money, I'm going to be taking my Kid Sister (5 well 6 by the time) along with me and my gf. She shares the same love for princesses that I had as a little girl, and I haven't been to a princess meet and greet dinner since the last time I ate at the castle in (the...
  8. Fairybuzz

    A really stupid question about cars land

    Be warned its dumb. You know those power lines lining the streets? are they actually power lines or just there for decoration? Ok now everyone laugh at the nerd lol
  9. Fairybuzz

    Bermuda Triangle

    Does anyone else remember a motion simulator called the Bermuda Triangle. I think I remember you boarded it and there were little pools of water next to the ramps and the simulator was a submarine with a big siren in the back that would light up at certain parts. There was also a film involving...
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