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  1. minnielaw

    The “Was It Puke In the Parking Lot Good?” TR: A Trip of Excess-Sept. 29-October 7

    This is my first ever TR and our third trip to WDW since 2007. If you want some background info on me and my family, I direct you to my Pre-TR at This trip was kinda funky....just different than our other trips. @ShookieJones discussed this is his TR also...something was off...we still had...
  2. minnielaw

    Anyone been to Cape May Cafe since the refurb?

    Just curious if anyone has been to Cape May Cafe since the recent refurbishment? Wondered if the buffet had changed at all or if it was just cosmetic. A poster several months ago said that they no longer had the Oreo bon bons on the buffet but that they were available for purchase in the...
  3. minnielaw

    Mickey Mail for DVC Rentals??

    So, I am 30 days out from checking in at BWV's and we are renting DVC points. Since we are renting points we don't have a package....purchased everything separately...DDP and park tickets. We also have one night at POFQ on our last night in WDW. Will we get Mickey Mail?? :(
  4. minnielaw

    Star Tours Question

    Hey folks! Does Star Tours have an option to view the movie without sitting in the ride simulator? I would love the see the movie but not sure I can handle the motion simulator. Thank you for the insight!
  5. minnielaw

    The "For Real Son!" PTR - September-October 2012

    Ok, I have been on these boards for several years but never posted a PTR or TR. I have read just about every TR on here and feel like I have a LOT to live up to! My very first PTR was HollyBelle's pre-wedding report and that set the bar HIGH. From there I proceeded to read her wedding TR...
  6. minnielaw

    Split Stay Dining Plan Question

    I am staying at the BWV's for seven nights in October 2012 on rented DVC points. I plan to purchase the DDP for our stay. However, today I decided to add a day to our trip and we will be staying one night at POFQ at the end of our trip. My question is, when I purchase the DDP will Disney...
  7. minnielaw

    9/29-10/6 ADR's and No Le Cellier Spots Left!

    Set my alarm for 5:50 a.m. this morning so that I could book my ADR's for my September 29-October 6 trip. Fortunately, the volume was completely down on my radio and I did not wake up until 6:45 a.m. I say fortunately because I hopped out of bed and ran straight to my computer to begin making...
  8. minnielaw

    When Will WDW Post October Park Hours?

    I have been checking the WDW official site everyday to see if the park hours for the first week of October have been posted yet! For some reason the first week of October shows up as darkened blocks (indicating you can click on that day) but then when you click on the day it does not list the...
  9. minnielaw

    ADR's 180 or 190 days out?

    Everything I read from WDW says that ADR's can be made 180 days out from your trip date. However, I recently saw a post where someone mentioned making ADR's 190 days out. Are there different dates or is it 180 days for everyone? Thank you for your help!
  10. minnielaw

    Worried about BWV...

    I just booked seven nights at BWV through dvcrequest. I have read some recent reviews of BWV that are critical of the room decor and condition. Has anyone been to BWV recently and if so, could you give me an honest assessment of the room conditions? We absolutely LOVE EPCOT and we are so...
  11. minnielaw

    Kinda nervous newbie

    After a year of visiting this site nearly everyday and thoroughly enjoying reading the forum posts in the privacy of my own chair, I have decided to be brave and join in! I am, quite obviously, obsessed with WDW and have visited a mere 7 times (such an embarrassingly low number compared to many...
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