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  1. gmajew


    I am sure this has a thread already but had the opportunity to dine here this past week and I will saw this is buy far the best dinning experience I have had at the parks! The food was amazing everything we got was really really good! I know it is pricy but it was well worth it especially if...
  2. gmajew

    Fast Pass availability June 8th -15th

    Booking my fast passes for June 8th - 15th and have noticed that the availability during this week is horrible already. Anyone k ow what is going on?
  3. gmajew

    DVC double charge

    can anyone tell me what is happening did this actually happen?
  4. gmajew

    Broken Ride Elements

    Everyone - today in another post it was stated that Splash Mountain has again fallen on hard times and many many AA music etc are not working on the space. Since it is being reported as many others have reported on other rides not working I thought we should start a thread on those features...
  5. gmajew

    Please Take Care of Your Rooms

    i just got back from a week at the VGF and I am disgusted by how much damage the rooms have in just over a year! People need to respect the property and take care of it and keep them in clean repair for all of our future trips! Walls were damaged wood baseboards were knocked and scuffed just...
  6. gmajew

    11 Month Window

    Can you book your full week of use on the first day of your 11 month window or do you need to wait until the last day of your expected trip?
  7. gmajew

    My observations from my Trip

    I just got back from a week in WDW with my family and I wanted to give ever my views and thoughts on the things that we experienced while I was in town. Let preface the rest of this as I am a huge WDW fan but I also am in the business to point out flaws and area of improvements because as I...
  8. gmajew

    First Time DVC Trip

    Hey everyone I am using my DVC for the first time in a week and want to know any secrets or any advice you all can provide to give me the most bang for my buck. thanks in advance.
  9. gmajew

    Park tickets

    How do you go about buying park tickets? We are staying in our DvC for the first Time and not sure how to buy our tickets.
  10. gmajew

    How many Points to buy

    I am planning on buying my first dvc contract this week, my question is how many points should I buy? I have a family of 4 two boys ages ten and 6. We go to disney every year and stay at the grand Floridian over spring break. Do not spend much time in rooms so size is not an issue. Looking...
  11. gmajew

    Any Special Events the week of Easter

    We are heading down to Walt Disney for the first time the week of Easter. We head home on good friday Anything special at the resorts we should prebook?
  12. gmajew

    Big Shots In Park Today

    Was in the parks all week and the big boys were out and about everywhere we went. Will give a full report on Monday when get back in town but John lasseter was all over as well and was even riding rides with imagineers today.
  13. gmajew

    Got a PIN Today Good for Spring Break

    Hey everyone I received a PIN today that had great deals over Spring Break!! Here are the details: And for stays most nights 1/2/11–4/16/11 and 5/1/11–6/5/11, you can enjoy great savings on a stay at select Disney Resort hotels—making it easy to experience a world of magic...and to make a...
  14. gmajew

    Current Status of Project

    OK I have been swamped with work the past month and since nothing was announced at that Advertising Press Conference, can we get a current update on what is going on at Fantasy Land? Is the Snow White Ride really closing and a new mine ride coming etc?
  15. gmajew

    Any Room Discount for March 2011 yet?`

    Looking to book my next vacation but I am not willing to pay $750 a night in March next year. Any update on when the discounts will start showing up?
  16. gmajew

    What is NextGen

    I keep reading about the NextGen projects being planned etc for WDW, but I have no clue what they heck they are... Any help here?
  17. gmajew

    Toy story 3

    Saw it tonight with my family and it was great!! Proves again how great pixar is!! If you are older and have young kids it is sad because you can see them in the movie as Andy!!
  18. gmajew

    Discount Emails and Cards

    With all of my trips to Disney I do not remember ever getting anything about discount stays or off peak times coming in the mail. How do I make sure I am getting these?
  19. gmajew

    D23 and best book

    Question for everyone is d23 worth joining? Also what is everyones favorite book on Disney and wow?
  20. gmajew


    I am sure this has been addressed and talked about before but will WDW ever bring the new carland concept from CA to MK?
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