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  1. mickey2008.1

    Trip Report Holy Moly! 8 PEEPS and and alot of "come on!"

    Just got back from eight days of World Magic, and wow, it was awesome. New Magic bands, the great PORS, FOOD, rides, and more. So let's start the party! Who? The in-laws :eek: Great people, true italian. But lets have a tease of the resort.
  2. mickey2008.1

    Brand new to DSLR, what about Canon Rebel eos T3

    Is this a good starter camera for the parks, or out dated?
  3. mickey2008.1

    Pre-Trip 8 days in WDW with in-laws! scooters in future? holy crap!

    Well here we are, 73 days out of a trip planned two years ago. It started with just five of us going to Contemporary garden wing. What a great deal we got, then my daughter decided she wanted to go and skip 7 days of high school, she is a freak with school, a good thing, the other three kids are...
  4. mickey2008.1

    tepan edo new menu

    The new menu at tepan edo no longer lists udon noodles or vegetales as part of the meal, so what does the hibachi side all include? Miso soup, shrimp, salad, main entree? Thinking of going, but a little pricey if just entree?
  5. mickey2008.1

    best hidden attraction?

    What is the best hidden attraction? the one that few people know about. For us, it is Sum of All Thrills. You have to know about it, and look for it, and hardly any wait times for a great time. What else is there?
  6. mickey2008.1

    Disney against adults?

    As a family of six, we tried to book BBB, only to learn that you have to be age 11 or under. My wife and daughters do this on special family night, our anniversary. Get all princess hair doos and then enjoy the day, with my youngest at 7 wearing her gown. It is a family day for the girls to...
  7. mickey2008.1

    September 2013 roll call already!!!! woohoo!!!

    It's almost a year until we get back to the World in Spetember 2013!!! Who's going?
  8. mickey2008.1

    CR South Wing Rooms?

    Thinking about changing to CR south wing rooms because of its good price. Anyone have feed back on these rooms. Are they as big as the tower? Same size? Pictures? Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know that its away from dining, shopping, and transportation, but that does not matter. Its...
  9. mickey2008.1

    Buyer beware

    May have already been posted, but just learned today that if you use gift cards from disney , and do not use and cancel trip, you will not get your money back unless you have the gift card. Basically, keep your gift cards to get your refund, or else you lose. I'm calling BS on this. Opinions?
  10. mickey2008.1

    Love Bugs, Little ones, and one heck of an Upgrade

    Just got back from the world celebrating our anniversary and our youngests' first trip. It was wonderful! We planned this trip since last December, and it was up and down all the way, but we pulled it off. There's me, 40 year old chef, beautiful wife Joanna, oldest (13) Lexi, (10) Nicki, (9)...
  11. mickey2008.1

    Narcoosee's or Spirit of Aloha

    MY family of six (ages 6, 8,10, 13, and wife) leaves in 7 days, and have an ADR for Narcoosee's, my question is, one, is it worth it? and 2, is Spirit of Aloha a better option because of the show with less than stellar food? Opinons?
  12. mickey2008.1

    Enjoyment of WDW

    Whatever happened to just enjoying the parks? All we read here is what is wrong with this and that. As a family who goes once a year, we care and read the negative, but where is the positive. I want this thread to be all positive WDW. I don't like what is going on at WDW, but want to focus on...
  13. mickey2008.1

    Restaurants on monorail line

    With all this monorail topics and early closings, I'm confused as to what time they will quit running. We are going in Sept, one night MK closes at six, and another at 7, does this mean the monorails will quit running at 7:30 and 8:30 respectively from MK? We have dinner resevations at Ohanas...
  14. mickey2008.1

    Haunted Mansion Photo update 12/13

    Just got back form WDW and got some new pics of the HM qeue construction. If anyone has any idea what its going to look like or what the pictures are of, please post. Enjoy.
  15. mickey2008.1

    Salvollin with smoking scooters and Willy's last time at AK

    Salvollin trip report with smoking scooters and Willy's last time at AK Hello everyone! Just got back from the world just 4 hours ago. I dont have any pics yet, and they will follow sometime tomorrow with the rest of the report. But just some insight, the weather was crazy. 72 degree high to a...
  16. mickey2008.1

    New cancelation policy

    We just called today about a possible cancellation for this december, and were told that 0-6 days out, they would charge $200, fine. But starting january, if you dont have insurance, at a cost of $100 per person, and you cancel 45 days or less, you lose the whole amount. This is crazy. So you...
  17. mickey2008.1

    Salvolloin Christmas PTR

    Salvollin Christmas PTR Here we are, 40 days out. This is our first trip report and first time with a real camera, so im excited. We have been down for the holidays the past three years staying at POP, CBR, and POFQ. All places were good, but now were going great, The Polynesian. We got such a...
  18. mickey2008.1

    Guess the place???????

    Lets play where am i. I will start off posting a picture and someone has to name where its at. The person who answers correctly then has to post a picture and so on. Its endless. Here's mine to start.
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