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  1. Kramerica

    Tomorrowland movies impact on real Tomorrowland

    Didn't see that. Redundant thread! Whoops!
  2. Kramerica

    Tomorrowland movies impact on real Tomorrowland

    Has anyone seen Magic Kingdom's new Tomorrowland signage? Atleast from what we can see now, the text looks real similar to the 2015 movie also titled Tomorrowland. It has always been my thought that if the movie was a hit, that they intended to incorporate the movie's version of the world into...
  3. Kramerica

    Things at Disney Land everyone seems to dislike that you enjoy?

    Pixar Pier The Golden Zephyr DCA in general actually And although I despise how difficult it makes it to navigate the land, I love the look of astro orbiter spinning beside the hub.
  4. Kramerica

    DLR 3rd gate possibilities

    Lurker here! I've been here a very long time and seldom actually interact. But hey guys! I'm watching!
  5. Kramerica

    How many people can fit in Oga’s Cantina? How much is the Disneyland bar raking in? Let’s look at the math - OCR/SCNG

    I wonder how long before Disney decides it's okay to open up another bar behind Disneyland's gates.
  6. Kramerica

    Upgrading park tickets to Flex Pass

    Sorry if this has already been asked before, but I haven't seen this answered yet, and I couldn't find a definitive answer on Disneyland's website. I'll be at Disneyland for D23. I'm also planning to purchase the Flex Pass while I'm there. But I'm slightly concerned about being able to get into...
  7. Kramerica

    Did anyone here move to Orlando specifically for the parks?

    I've been very seriously considering it for a while now. It's getting serious enough to where I'm contacting real estate agents and saving money for moving expenses/ living expenses until I get settled. See, for me it's a few things. The Disney parks are a big factor, yes. But more so, I'm...
  8. Kramerica

    Explain the Flex Pass to me like I'm 5

    It seems that the Flex pass is designed for locals. But I'm no local. I come to Disneyland once every month or so, know that I'm coming atleast a month in advance, and know how many days I'll be there for. Often for four days or more. So, would the flex pass work for me? I know that you have to...
  9. Kramerica

    Anyone else actually like DCA?

    I think I'm in the minority that I love DCA. Hated it pre overhaul, but think it's fantastic now. I'd prefer it over Animal Kingdom or Hollywood studios, or even Epcot in their current state. Cars land is undeniably great. I'm REALLY in the minority with loving the Paradise/ Pixar Pier. I think...
  10. Kramerica

    What is this, the WDW monorail?!

    It almost looks as if Mickey is trying to hold the piece on himself.
  11. Kramerica

    What is this, the WDW monorail?!

    Thought you guys might be interested in seeing this. Took this photo just now. Monorail pieces being held on by tape. Classic.
  12. Kramerica

    My DCA vlog!

    If you sub to Pewdiepie, then I'll sub to you. Doing my part.
  13. Kramerica

    News Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble announced

    Hey all! I bought a ticket to this event. I'll let you know how it is.
  14. Kramerica

    So I kind of miss the Diamond Celebration already

    I’d love to hear some more about the 50th if you wanna share. At that point in life I wasn’t going to Disneyland at all, so I have no memories of it.
  15. Kramerica

    So I kind of miss the Diamond Celebration already

    I'm glad we've all got you here to bring up the important topics.
  16. Kramerica

    So I kind of miss the Diamond Celebration already

    I know it just ended, but I've been watching some older Disneyland content on Youtube and it makes me realize how terribly bad I miss the Diamond Celebration already. Am I totally alone in this? I know a lot of us like to goof on Disney a lot of the time, but was the Diamond Celebration years...
  17. Kramerica

    When will you Visit Star Wars Land?

    I'll be there during D23.
  18. Kramerica

    Mickey and Friends tram public access?

    Hey friends! I'm taking a last minute trip with family here soon. Turns out, the only room we could find that suited our needs sits right next to the Mickey and Friends parking structure. The hotel is the Holiday Inn to be specific. I've tried to look in google earth but can't tell. Is there...
  19. Kramerica

    Favorite Disneyland Ride Poster

    Is there ever a question asked where Haunted Mansion ISN'T the best? No competition. Love ya other rides listed, but ya don't come close.
  20. Kramerica

    Just got back from three days of Disneyland and noticed a large uptick in service animals

    You guys think Disney would have a problem with me bringing my emotional support booze in?
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