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  1. KevGuy

    FREE New 20 page Brochure about DVC & Resales!

    Please email me the brochure to dvckev@gmail.com thanks.
  2. KevGuy

    2012 Dining Plan is out

    Not having all the resturants on the plan at this point is normal, they usually work it out by the end of this year and all your favorites will be included I'm sure. :)
  3. KevGuy

    2012 Dining Plan is out

    Sorry forgot to include the deluxe link, haven't seen the wine and dine still though. http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/media/wdw_nextgen/CoreCatalog/WaltDisneyWorld/en_us/PDF/2012DeluxeDining.pdf
  4. KevGuy

    2012 Dining Plan is out

    All I see is a mug added to the regular dining plan at this point, and only 1 snack on the Q/S plan, can't wait to see the cost. Didn't see the wine and dine .pdf though either. Enjoy...
  5. KevGuy

    Rude Cast Member

    That's a pretty rude comment to the OP.....
  6. KevGuy

    Would you take $1 million only to never be able to go to Disney again?

    Pretty silly question, with 1 million I would be able to have enough to pay off whomever I need to to be quiet about it or hire someone to ummm.... and still go to Disney lol !!!! :ROFLOL:
  7. KevGuy

    Orlando High Speed Rail IS DEFINITE

    I think turning down the money already spent by the feds is silly. How do these politicitians expect to get re-elected when they are hurting their own states people and killing jobs. Not too smart imo....:shrug:
  8. KevGuy

    You better travel to WDW now, 2011 going to get more expensive.

    DVC membership allows me to go EVERY year to Disney, discounts be dammed lmao!! :king: They need to offer us more DVC discounts imo. :ROFLOL:
  9. KevGuy

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    29 days!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!
  10. KevGuy

    Buying beer in WDW

    Woohoo cheap beer!!
  11. KevGuy

    I need help WDW friends regarding trip change to April!

    I know massachusetts has school vacation the week of April 19-23, but I also believe that Conn, NY, and NJ also have that week as well. So it will be VERY crowded that week. We go to Disney almost every year that week we are getting a head start and leaving the week before on wed the 15th to get...
  12. KevGuy


    Yes sir, may I have another....
  13. KevGuy

    Ah, Disney is the 90s........

    As Dennis Hopper once said the 80's made the 60's look like the 50's. :D
  14. KevGuy

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    133 days.... :brick:
  15. KevGuy

    April 2010 Roll Call!

    April 14-24th, Booked and ADR's done. 133 days and counting lol. :) 1 night at CBR Pirate Room 3 Day DCL Cruise on Wonder 6 days at Poly Concierge
  16. KevGuy

    I would LOVE to see the Hoop Dee Doo again...BUT...

    I love the food at Hoop de Doo, this is a must show for us every trip!!! :sohappy:
  17. KevGuy

    The Official "I'm making ADR's on 10/27" thread!

    8:22am Been dialing the wdw dine line for 2 hrs and keep getting busy signal..... :brick:
  18. KevGuy

    With Disney buying Marvel what park in WDW will be impacted by this?

    I think Disney should just buy the rights to all the DC super heroes as it would be pretty cheap as 6 flags is always on the border of bankruptcy etc. anyway and then corner the entire super hero market. :D
  19. KevGuy

    Hey dixiegirl!! Thanks for the kind comments about the avatar. Save off a copy and make it your...

    Hey dixiegirl!! Thanks for the kind comments about the avatar. Save off a copy and make it your own lol!!
  20. KevGuy

    Thanks dixiegirl!! Save off a copy and make it your own lol!

    Thanks dixiegirl!! Save off a copy and make it your own lol!
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