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  1. WDWdream97

    Will DLP be the first "Disneyland" Resort with a 3rd Gate?

    In one of this posts, spirit mentioned that there are several more years ahead filled with referbs and other improvements to get the existing resort up to par. Question is, after Disneyland Paris manages to reach its potential will there be a 3rd gate? Disneyland Paris was envisioned as a little...
  2. WDWdream97

    Questions about the All New Mickey Mouse Club

    I have a few questions about the show, well the version that Britney, Justin and Christina were in. Did the series film at DHS (then MGM)? Second, where did Disney house them? I remember from reading a book about Britney they Disney housed them in condos type apts not too far from the filming...
  3. WDWdream97

    Any News on Magic Kingdoms game?

    At D23 they announced the game however there has been no news since. Does anyone know when the game will be released?
  4. WDWdream97

    WDW related book similar to Sam Genn. Book

    Does anyone know if there is a WDW book similar to Sam Gennawey's, The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Eveloution of Walt Disney's Dream? It is one of the only books I have found that throughly details all the changes the park has went through during its history.
  5. WDWdream97

    Speculation about HKDL 2nd Gate

    In his various threads, @WDW1974 has mentioned that a 2nd gate has been fast-tracked for HKDL. Although not much information has been leaked as the project is most likely a few years away from starting, is it ok speculate that HKDL's 2nd gate will be a variant on existing Disney park? If it will...
  6. WDWdream97

    Instilled for DCA 1.0

    During the 90s up until the early 00s, I lived in a medium-sized town in Northwestern Vermont. While living there, my sister and I were lucky to have the Disney channel become a part of the standard cable line-up years before it did so in nearby states. As I was a frequent viewer of the channel...
  7. WDWdream97

    Question about vintage Fantasyland Tents

    Today I was watching a video of the beloved Skyway, and I saw a set of tents near the Village Haus that I did not remember. Does anyone remember what they were for? And I am sorry If this is in the wrong section.
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