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  1. steviej

    Godparent etiquette

    does everyone here believe in what's called "Godparent Etiquette"? Where if your godparents to someone's kid, then you're obligated to have them as godparents to your kid no matter what?
  2. steviej

    Disneyland vs WDW for baby's first trip

    so the Mrs. is expecting our first child!!!! For those that don't know, we're huge Disney lovers, been over a total of 60 times between the both of us So we agreed to take our child when it's very little. However, I want to do DL and she wants to do WDW. To me, I think with an infant/toddler...
  3. steviej

    disney movies $0.49 offer with disney visa?

    Did anyone else get an offer in the mail to get 5 disney movies for 49 cents each? But you have to join the disney movie club or something like that and agree to purchase 4 movies in the next 2 years at full price? If I can buy the movies now for .49, why wouldn't I do that after I join the...
  4. steviej

    Am I in the wrong to not invite my brother in law's to my birthday

    Ok, so I love the sometimes life talks that drift from Disney threads on here. So here's my scenario. I'm married to the best person in the world, she makes me laugh and (usually) makes me feel like a million bucks. So I turn the big 3-0 next month, it's a big bday, I'm actually having a...
  5. steviej

    anybody meet someone special because of Disney?

    Topic. So on 12/21/10, I went to a friends xmas party. When I walked in, I was introduced to her friend Victoria. Victoria had on this sexy looking leather jacket, and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. However, Victoria was just leaving as I had been arriving. 10 days later on New...
  6. steviej

    So we checked out Disney's HHI resort

    We stayed with friends of my in laws for thanksgiving who have a place just outside Hilton Head Island. Have to say, wasn't blown away. Maybe I'm way too spoiled as a frequent WDW goer. But I was shocked when we walked into the ground floor of the main building/garage to see all kinds of...
  7. steviej

    Is Ben Affleck a good batman?

    I didn't think so. He was a little overdramatic with the voice. Plus the fact that Batman vs Superman was eh didn't help. But the biggest thing for me was, I didn't like the mechanical component of his outfit. He looked like a machine.
  8. steviej

    Not able to reply sometimes

    Does anyone ever have this problem? This happens to me I'd say a good 50% of the time. The box to type a comment just isn't there.
  9. steviej

    any wdw/wrestling fans going to WrestleMania next year in Orlando?

    Always down for a meet up in the world. At this point, it's probable that my wife and I are going to Orlando for WrestleMania, we're thinking we'll stay at Saratoga. The dates we're kicking around is 3/28-4/10
  10. steviej

    saratoga studio standard vs preferred

    Does anyone know the difference? Thanks!
  11. steviej

    Saratoga quiet pool

    Wife and I are going in March. We're between OKW and SS. We've stayed at OKW a thousand times each. But we love it because of the quiet pool. Unwind after a nice long day of walking in the parks. We've never stayed in SS, and wouldn't mind staying somewhere new. We youtubed the studio at...
  12. steviej

    Shula's, yay or nay?

    Going towards the end of March. I'm a big steak eater. Never been to Shula's. I've heard mixed reviews. What's the opinion here? I've been to pretty much every other steak place in the World, Yachtsman, Le Cellier, etc.
  13. steviej

    boats to disney springs from OKW

    Anyone know how late they go? Wife and I went in January to DS and what a pain in the behind it was when you drive over there! Planning on a March trip. Thanks!
  14. steviej

    Pre-Trip The HOORAY, my wife finally realized her friend is a blank ptr!

    So next year, one of my wife's (alternative name for a female dog) friends was getting married in WDW. I work for a corporate bank that works with the US government. There's a rule/law that when you work for a company that works with the government, you have to take 2 consecutive weeks of...
  15. steviej

    favorite lunch

    Topic. I wouldn't mind trying out some fs lunches on my next meal. My favorites are: 1) Olivia's at OKW. The buffalo wing soup is phenomenal. 2) BOG had lunch my last trip in january, it was awesome! I concur with Lumiere, the gray stuff is indeed, delicious.
  16. steviej

    anyone else's planning dvd taking eternity?

    Topic. I ordered mine almost 2 months ago, still nothing! They used to take forever, then for a couple years, they improved it and were at your house within a 2-4 week frame. Now it's taking eternity again.
  17. steviej

    Primetime Smores

    I'm not seeing the smores on the menu at primetime, I'm not liking. :mad: Why would they do that!? The best smores on earth.
  18. steviej

    deep WDW secrets

    ok, so I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible about our favorite place. And when I try googling stuff about WDW, the "unknown facts" I'm finding out is there's an apartment in Cinderella's Castle :rolleyes: What are some of the deep details within the property, like the Paul Revere...
  19. steviej

    Which dvd format do you prefer?

    Topic. With a narrator or with someone you can see (2005 with Erin)? I think I prefer the Erin format better. It seems more real. To tell you the truth, if they experimented with that format again, I wish they'd give Stacy a shot.
  20. steviej

    Pre-Trip Pre Pre trip report

    So the Mrs and I been together for 5 years and only been to WDW just the 2 of us once and it was only a 4 day weekend. We have never been to WDW just the 2 of us for a full length trip. Well all signs look like that's about to change in October of 2017! Ideal time, F & W, MNSSHP The In...
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