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  1. LoriMistress

    Classic TV series specials on WDW

    I saw on television a few days ago when Rosanne, Full House, and Boy Meets World when they visit WDW. I enjoyed each of those shows and their versions of visiting WDW each in their different ways. How about you?
  2. LoriMistress

    A Disney Park in Panama?

    My friend's parents are in Panama on vacation, and they heard that they're building a Disney park in Panama. I did some research and I found this article. From what my friend's parents said, they said a few days ago Disney confirmed the rumors...
  3. LoriMistress

    Old School Photos DLR!!!

    I finally have a decent scanner, and was able to scan all of my photos from 35th Anniversary and '91 of DLR. Hope you enjoy! And FYI, in the corner of some pictures is a TMNT.
  4. LoriMistress

    Member Pics; post yours here.

    Hello! I know there was a thread just like it, but it's locked. So I thought it would be nice to start another thread. I'll go first:
  5. LoriMistress

    What would you do/show a first timer?

    I'm going to bring one (but possibly two) first timers to WDW Dec of next year. My DM is going to go with us (she's in her early 60's), and possibly my DB (who's in his mid 30's). My DM doesn't want to overwhelmed with tons of "Disney stuff." It took her years of me convincing her that WDW...
  6. LoriMistress

    If you were at WDW right now, what would you be doing?

    I would be riding EE.
  7. LoriMistress

    What makes you tear up/cry in the parks?

    I know this has been done several times, but I though it would be nice for us to remember the positive of being in the parks. I'll write a few experiences that has gotten me teary-eyed. On our first trip (our honeymoon) back in '03. We were about to leave our room at ASMu to head to MK on our...
  8. LoriMistress

    My favorite part of M:S is...

    The launch and landing on Mars.
  9. LoriMistress

    My favorite part of KS is...

    a tie between the elephants, giraffes, and the lions.
  10. LoriMistress

    My favorite part in SWSA is...

    Probably the first scene when Snow White is dancing with the dwarves, seeing the Evil Queen die (or trying to have a boulder land on you), and seeing Snow White awaken when being kissed by the Prince.
  11. LoriMistress

    My favorite part of the CBJ is...

    Is the triplets sing, and when the bear (I can't remember his name), starts sing "Blood on the saddle."
  12. LoriMistress

    My favorite part of ToT is...

    Besides the drops, would probably when it gets dark and you only see the stars and the doorway fading away, and then breaks.
  13. LoriMistress

    My favorite scene from Soarin' is...

    Probably soarin' over the ocean/beach.
  14. LoriMistress

    My favorite scene from BTMRR is...

    Seeing the goat eating the dynamite.
  15. LoriMistress

    What is your favorite WDW resort and why?

    My favorite WDW resort is a tie between GF and WL. Just because both of the lobbies are breathtaking.
  16. LoriMistress

    What is your favorite thing to do at WDW property?

    What's your favorite thing to do at a resort? What's your favorite thing to do in each park? What's your favorite thing to do at DTD? Let me read your answers.
  17. LoriMistress

    My trip to WDW wouldn't be complete without/until...

    Fill in the blanks, y'all!!! My trip to WDW wouldn't be complete without myself and DH!!!
  18. LoriMistress

    If you were in the parks right now...

    Where would you be and what would you be doing? I would be visiting MK, riding HM.
  19. LoriMistress

    Something completely geeky...

    Okay, so I was watching Star Trek TNG movies on Bluray on the special features. (Trust me, there is a point). One of the specials they show some footage of the Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas. They were interviewing trekkies, and one of the trekkies was explaining how upset he was for ST:E...
  20. LoriMistress

    Disney's Grandson Pleads Not Guilty 24 Times

    Walt Disney's grandson pled not guilty to 24 felonies in Van Nuys Superior Court today -- which is officially the number of charges it takes to make DMX blush. As we first reported, Patrick Disney Miller was arrested earlier this month after cops busted him for possession of ammunition ... a...
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