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  1. Skibum1970

    Pre-Trip Why Does My Tooth Hate Disney?

    In October 2014, I had to cancel a November trip to Disney because I found out that I had a cracked tooth, specifically a molar. It was fixed but the cost cancelled the trip. Flash-forward to this week. On the same tooth, I felt what seemed like a chip out of the crown. Now, we have a trip...
  2. Skibum1970

    Question on Rise of the Resistance Planning and MK After Hours

    1. Rise of the Resistance: We'll be there for the first week of February. What is the best way to tackle Rise? I am wondering how soon the boarding groups will be booked up at that time (ex. If you get there at 10:00 AM, you aren't riding it). 2. After Hours MK: Worth doing? It isn't...
  3. Skibum1970

    2019 Christmas Trip

    I am starting to plan a trip to WDW for the week of Christmas. I get that it will be packed and might use the trip more to refresh myself and my wife. I have a question about what is open. Up here in the almost north, everything is closed on Christmas Day. So, my question is this. What...
  4. Skibum1970

    Old Key West and POFQ

    So, I used Dave's DVC Rentals and booked Old Key West for a great price (avg. about $143/night). I was trying to figure out how to sell it better to my wife. She wanted Port Orleans French Quarter, if I couldn't get the Wilderness Lodge. Well, the Lodge was either booked or no deals came...
  5. Skibum1970

    Tomorrowland Re-Imagineering & 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    So, in my imagination, I have thought about a way to redo Tomorrowland. Space Mountain and TRON could remain. However, I would do the following additional steps: 1. Move Space Ranger Spin to DHS along with Monsters In Laugh Floor. 2. Gut the whole building, from MILF through Stitch. 3...
  6. Skibum1970

    Port Orleans FQ - Buses

    How much wait time or crowded do the POFQ buses get? Are they swamped or not too bad? I read that, during slow times, the buses are shared with Riverside which can add 15 minutes onto the trip.
  7. Skibum1970

    Caribbean Beach

    Would you stay at Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans French Quarter in late February?
  8. Skibum1970

    If FastPass+ Was Retired...

    So, I just returned from a brief trip (three days) and thought that I would discuss this (which has already been discussed ad nauseum). What if Disney scrapped FP+/FP? We were there for Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom and there were still a LOT of people. Without FP+ gumming things up, the...
  9. Skibum1970

    Magic Kingdom Extra Magic Hours

    If the Extra Magic Hours are in the evening (11:00 - 1:00), does the line for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train go down much?
  10. Skibum1970

    Hotel Focus - Magic Kingdom

    This might belong in the resort forum but it didn't fit there either. The wife and I are looking to get away for a short vacation (2-3 days). Quick recharge and maybe a day or two at the MK. We aren't fully focused on the parks but would like to stay in a "get away" kind of hotel. We love...
  11. Skibum1970

    Rental Car of Disney Buses

    I am starting to plan a trip and have a bit of a quandary. We typically use the Magical Express from MCO to WDW and then utilize the buses to/from the parks. However, I have been considering renting a car to a) Save transportation time to the parks and not have to wait on buses and b) to allow...
  12. Skibum1970

    Contemporary vs POR vs WL

    I have stayed at all three and love each one. It is coming down to finances as usual. POR is half the cost for the fall deals and so it is money versus ambiance. We would be going in mid-November or early December. Plus, if we do POR, I can stay an extra day or two to ensure that I have time...
  13. Skibum1970

    MyMagic+ Trip Report - 2/28/2014

    We just returned from our trip today. We used our MagicBands for the room entry, park entry, and FP+. We disabled the "swipe to pay" as we had cash to cover expenses (cash works best for budgets). I put together a pre-trip report on setting FP+ up about a month prior. It was very easy to set...
  14. Skibum1970

    March 2014 - First Time with MM+

    So, I just made my reservations for everything. I do like the new My Disney Experience as it has some nice touches. Ex. When you set your FP+ options, the itinerary shows the park title at the top of that day's itinerary. However, that didn't need MyMagic+ as much as just a website remodel...
  15. Skibum1970

    Disneyland or DCA Conundrum

    In a few weeks, I am traveling to Anaheim for work. My goal is to get there on Sunday before noon and thus I'll have the rest of the day for Disneyland/DCA. I also plan on maybe going back one or two evenings (not getting there until 7:00 or so) but that may not happen if things are too crazy...
  16. Skibum1970

    1/17-2013 Trip Report

    So, no pictures as I was at the Magic Kingdom for just one day and I forgot my camera. I am approaching this from a Pros/Cons point of view. Pros: The park was clean and pleasant as ever, though crowded. Still, Touring Plans pegged the crowds perfectly and I knew what to expect. All the...
  17. Skibum1970

    One Day Visit - IOA or Magic Kingdom

    Probably a futile question but here goes. I will be in Orlando one day and can visit any of the parks. I have whittled it down to Magic Kingdom or IOA. I haven't visited IOA since 2004 was at the MK in 2011. So, which one should I go to?
  18. Skibum1970

    Teeth - Do We Really Need Them?

    So, just over 47 days out from my upcoming WDW trip, I went to the dentist for a cleaning. After the normal scrape and polish, the dental hygienist said everything was fine. Great. Then, the dentist gave the once over and found that I had two cracked teeth (probably from clenching as they are...
  19. Skibum1970

    Tangled Area Opening Date

    Does anyone know or have an idea of when the Most Famous Restrooms In Disney's History will open? It seems that they are really cooking with construction but I didn't know if the intent was to have them open when New Fantasyland opens on 12/6/2012. It seems like there isn't enough time but...
  20. Skibum1970

    Coronado Springs Resort - Bus Travel Times

    For Coronado Springs, what is the normal riding time from the resort to the parks, namely Magic Kingdom? Due to budgetary constraints, I am probably going to move my current reservations from WL to CSR (quite sad but saving the money will make me happy again). By changing, I can extend my trip...
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