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  1. mickeyfan5534

    A Very Special Project

    And here we are. My grand return. While I'm still getting my ducks in a row with Enchanted Empire, I'm not that letting that stop me from a different project. This is one that means a lot to me and that I'm actually really nervous sticking my neck out with it. So with that, I present... When...
  2. mickeyfan5534

    Disney Enchanted Empire - A Dream Mega-Park - Canceled For a Rewrite

    Coming eventually, a Disney park like no other where the Kingdoms of Yesterday, Journeys, Discovery, and Fantasy collide like no other. Disney's Enchanted Empire is the pinnacle of Disney Parks, four parks in one encompassing the classic themes of the classic castle park while injecting it's own...
  3. mickeyfan5534

    Random Things We’d Like to See

    So I just realized we don’t really have a group catchall thread of random ideas that maybe aren’t big enough or developed enough to make a new thread for. That’s what this is for. Go bananas
  4. mickeyfan5534

    Disneyland East Side Redo

    Something a little different for me, but I was lurking on the Disneyland board and I saw a thread about how they would redo it. Might as well throw my hat in the ring: A total ground up redo really, the only things that aren't casualties are Space Mountain and the Matterhorn showbuilding...
  5. mickeyfan5534

    Entertainment Enhancement for 50 Years

    As the forum's resident entertainment buff, I've finally decided to develop an all new Entertainment lineup for Walt Disney World for the 50th Anniversary. I'll go into depth in other posts but for now, a standard rundown of the lineup Magic Kingdom Park New Castle Forecourt Stage Show -...
  6. mickeyfan5534

    The Societies of Explorers and Adventurers

    Remember when I said on the SA thread that I was working on expanding the SEA team from Tarrant Ramn? I made about 3 on accident. I'm not sure what I'll do with them but they're out here for people to see and potentially use. The Originals: 1470s Lord John Halt: The founder of the...
  7. mickeyfan5534

    The Fairest Films of All: The Imagineering Film Club

    Welcome Imagineers to The Imagineering Film Club. Every week, we'll watch a film and then we'll imagineer something based off the film. Could be a ride, could be a show, could be a walkthrough, could be absolutely anything. It's all up to our imagination and we'll watch great movies along the...
  8. mickeyfan5534

    Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary: Happiest Celebration

    New parade, Once Upon a Time is being replaced for what sounds like Ignite the Dream Tokyo, and a reused theme. I'm not totally crazy about the name, because the Press Release and the one piece of art posted sounds and looks much more like rainbows and imagination are the theme. And here's that...
  9. mickeyfan5534

    Quebec Disney Resort: A New Disney Dream Resort

    Yes, I'm trying this again. And hopefully it will work out this time after my extreme disappointment with how Rio turned out. New location, new resorts, new parks, and new areas, please enjoy the Quebec Disney Resort coming soon.
  10. mickeyfan5534

    Expanding Disney Franchises

    This is kind of a funky thread but it's a bit of a passion idea for me. So Disney has been big on diversifying their output for a while, and while I enjoy Star Wars and Marvel I think that there's much more potential for Disney to make a 'boy' companion to the animated canon Princess franchise...
  11. mickeyfan5534

    Disney Rio Resort: A New Take

    Disneyland Resort Walt Disney World Tokyo Disney Resort Disneyland Paris Hong Kong Disneyland Shanghai Disney Resort and now Disney Rio Resort The Disney Rio Resort is the newest member of the Disney Parks and Resorts Family. Located 20 miles outside of Rio de Janero, this new world class...
  12. mickeyfan5534

    New Nighttime Parade (Open Brainstorm)

    I'm hitting a massive roadblock with Nightfall Fantasy for Disneyland Brazil where I just run out of ideas after the second unit and it turns into SpectroMagic. I wanted an absolutely stunning parade with a stained glass aesthetic similar to Tokyo Disneyland's Nightfall Glow and I'm just stopped...
  13. mickeyfan5534

    The Disneyland Brazil Resort

    Late to the game, but mickeyfan here to talk about my dream resort, The Disneyland Brazil Resort. This all new resort will cater to the ever expanding Brazilian market for Disney with a Walt Disney World styled resort about 20 miles outside of Rio de Janero. Five phases will be planned for the...
  14. mickeyfan5534

    Designing a New Show for Magic Kingdom

    Let's Re-Do Dream Along with Mickey Hi everyone, Mickeyfan here, Dream Along with Mickey is one of Disney World's most popular shows being the castle show. It has been around to long, so we could A: replace it with an even cheaper, easier to show show or B: Reimagine it to make it from looking...
  15. mickeyfan5534

    LOD Team Sybiosis Main Street/Fantasyland Work Thread

    So, we need double of the normal criteria for this one. What do you want to do.
  16. mickeyfan5534

    LOD Frontierland Work Thread, Team Symbosis

    In the spirit of Independence Day this week, our newest land celebrates the American pioneer. It is the perfect embodiment of the wonder of the unknown and the quest to discover it, whether it be by land, water, or rail. It's a time of endless summers and lazy rivers. Stay a while, and you'll...
  17. mickeyfan5534

    Two Ideas for Disney's California Adventure

    I have an idea for a daytime show and a parade for Disney's California Adventure. The Show: DCA 's viewing center for WoC sort of sticks out like a sore thumb, so why not take advantage of the stage there and make a lagoon show with Mickey and friends, a some Villains and Tinkerbell. There...
  18. mickeyfan5534

    Team Horizons Work Thread - Fantasyland Pt. 1

    OK, we need to do Fantasyland now. We need as always, "it's a small world" as our reimagined attraction. ONE quick service restraunt TWO shops TWO Meet and Greets NO MORE THAN 12 CLONES (park wide(most of them will be in Fantasyland)) So, who wants to do the castle first?
  19. mickeyfan5534

    Hi yall

    Hey, I'm mickeyfan5534, but youcan call me mick. i've been a lurker for a while and just joined.
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