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  1. KevGuy

    2012 Dining Plan is out

    All I see is a mug added to the regular dining plan at this point, and only 1 snack on the Q/S plan, can't wait to see the cost. Didn't see the wine and dine .pdf though either. Enjoy...
  2. KevGuy

    California Grill what time to make ressie for fireworks?

    Hey folks, just wondering what time is best to try and make a ressie for California Grill if you want to eat dinner and then see the fireworks from up there? Has anyone done this and what time did you do for your ressie? Thanks for your help, we're gonna eat there for the first time next trip...
  3. KevGuy

    Hilda - Housekeeping ASM - Herbie Bldg #6

    Had the towel animals made and set up every day for us when we were there. A new animal every day and the place was spotless and we had extra towels. She even left notes for us and my kids wishing us a magical day every single day. We stayed at the #6 Herbie building in room # 6931. If your...
  4. KevGuy

    Location: DVC MK, CM Name: James

    Was an excellent no pressure person who explained everything about DVC to us. Yup we joined after we got home and thought about it, even call him at home on Sunday 2-3 times to ask questions. Just a great friendly person we were lucky to talk with. He was at the DVC area at MK in the Photo...
  5. KevGuy

    Location: Donalds Breakfastosaurus, CM Name: Neil

    I want to throw a shout out to Neil from NY. He was awesome when we went there the day we went to AK. Very personable, type of guy you know 5 mins and you've known him forever. Very funny and welcoming. If you go there ask for him and see for yourself.
  6. KevGuy

    Coming Home!!!!

    Just joined up last night after getting back from Disney last Friday. Took a couple days to think about it. Then the wife told me to get home early from work last night so we could call James at DVC and join. Got 160 pts at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa with a use year date of Dec. 06 so we...
  7. KevGuy

    Problem with countdown clock as homepage

    I'm getting some weird error on the countdown clock I have as my home page, not sure why. Here is the address... http://countdown.wdwmagic.com/tripcountdown.aspx?username=KevGuy
  8. KevGuy

    Can you still get TS seating if you don't ADR

    We are going in April and have made a few ADR for 2 character meals and to see the whoo de doo show as well. But my wife doesn't want to live on a schedule per say and believes that we will still be able to go to the many resturants and get seated for TS meals without making reservations. She...
  9. KevGuy


    I have played this online 3rd person shooter for almost 4 years lmao. They call teams in this game clans, and I run the oldest and longest running clan in the game. We have people in it from all over the country and some have been in it as long as me (the core group). Pretty silly I guess as I'm...
  10. KevGuy

    Trip counter signature banner

    How do I add that as a signature under my posts. I realize you need to add code to your sig in usercp, but what/where is the code I cannot find any info on how to do this, can someone help me? I have my trip counter page listed and that works fine, even made it my home page lol. Thanks.
  11. KevGuy

    What up Disney people!!

    I'm a Disney noobie, going in April!! In my 30's and just as happy as my kids to go, never been there either lol. :sohappy: This site is great, it has so much down to earth advice. Glad I found it, maybe I'll be able to give some of you a tip after I get back and repay the generosity here. :D
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