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  1. HwdStudio

    Parking at different hotels

    Parking at the Grand Floridian is currently restricted to guests staying at the resort or with a dining reservation and it being strictly enforced. The same is true for the other monorail resorts and Epcot area resorts.
  2. HwdStudio

    Leaving a young child out of a Disney trip

    Bad idea period
  3. HwdStudio

    Visiting Fort Wilderness

    During busy Holiday times it is very common.
  4. HwdStudio

    How crowded will the end of January be...?

    I have to agree. Last January was a madhouse. Those claiming it is not crowded haven’t been lately evidently.
  5. HwdStudio

    How Helpful is Premium Parking?

    And waste a lot of time
  6. HwdStudio

    Dining Pl Snacks that are breakfast-ish

    Well then was cereal and milk one credit or two?
  7. HwdStudio

    4th of July

    Epcot usually has a special added tag onto Illuminations with added fireworks over the AA. Usually awesome. I can’t remember if DHS has anything or not.
  8. HwdStudio

    News 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    Listening to a few gloomy gusses and making that kind of decision is truly your loss.
  9. HwdStudio

    Minnie Vans

    No. It is an on-demand type of service. Confirmed here with the Disney Moms Panel: https://disneyparksmomspanel.disney.go.com/question/reserve-lyft-minnie-van-ahead-time-first-first-serve-378478/ Uber and Lyft can be scheduled in advance though in the app. Not sure why Minnie Vans aren’t...
  10. HwdStudio

    Minnie Vans

    Utter nonsense. People with criminal records work everywhere we go In “Real” life though. Even Disney. Yes I said it. Wouldn’t your job care if you released information on applicants, even anonymously. I certainly know I would be in the unemployment line if I did that.
  11. HwdStudio

    Plastic shopping bags

    Oooo that will teach them a lesson! Plastic bags are available on request.
  12. HwdStudio

    Disney rmc

    Agree 100%
  13. HwdStudio

    Where to go on November 3rd

    My vote is MK. Unless I’m going to a restaurant in World Showcase I skip Epcot all together these days.
  14. HwdStudio

    Rain in the forecast

    No. It’s Florida. It rains almost everyday.
  15. HwdStudio

    News Whirlpool brand is the Official Kitchen and Laundry Appliance of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

    I wish they would replace the guest laundry appliances at the Grand Floridian. Most of them stay broken and the app that goes along with them need works for me.
  16. HwdStudio

    60 days on the dot, and denied!

    5 words to sum up this predicament. Busiest Time Of The Year.
  17. HwdStudio

    What is best way to access offers for your resort on MDE?

    What you see on your computer is exactly what Disney agents see. Sometimes things are actually unavailable especially if you are using a promotion.
  18. HwdStudio

    Grocery Deliver

    All major hotel chains charge for holding packages and have for at least 20 years. Disney was very late to the game. It shouldn’t affect the bell staff’s tips but you are probably right.
  19. HwdStudio

    Packing for november trip

    Madame Leota has my crystal ball so I suggest checking the forecast online a day or two before you go. It is Florida though so it may change several times during your trip so think layers that can be added or removed. It’s been mild down here the last few weeks but we never know what tomorrow...
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