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  1. PigletIsMyCat

    shipping to POFQ

    DH decided he'd rather i rent a manual wheelchair than an ECV for our trip (i'm not unhappy about that at all). he said it's better exercise for him (since POFQ doesn't have a gym) and he doesn't really want to have to break down an ECV multiple times a day. which is fair. to be nice to his...
  2. PigletIsMyCat

    wheelchair rental cost?

    dh has decided that instead of spending the money on an ECV that he doesn't want to have to break down all the time to get into the car i should rent wheelchairs. he says this is a good way for him to get his arm/back/chest/shoulder workouts in as well while we're on vacation (i expect him to...
  3. PigletIsMyCat

    ordering kids meals?

    i was setting up my bog fp+ thingamajig (the day i wanted finally opened up) and i realized they have a really nice looking kids meal. i wasn't thrilled with any of the grown up options but really like a couple of things on the kid's menu... i also am not always a big eater at meal time, i tend...
  4. PigletIsMyCat

    fp+ and shows?

    is it worth it? i see i can book fp+ for festival of the lion king and finding nemo.... how will that work with fp+ since they're set stage times? will i just get to wait in a different line? will i not have to wait in line? should i not bother wasting my fp+ on the shows? thanks in advance :)
  5. PigletIsMyCat

    raglan road - tomato gin soup?

    are they still serving this soup? it's not on the menu and it was delicious and i really might cancel my ADR at raglan road if it's not there. tia ;)
  6. PigletIsMyCat

    someone convince me re: garden grill

    right now we have an ADR for the garden grill on our arrival night. we're not married to the idea of going to epcot on our first night, but i can't decide whether or not to bother with a sit down at epcot during food & wine. we haven't been to garden grill since... ergh, 2007? 2008? is it...
  7. PigletIsMyCat

    will i ever get to ride the mine train?

    fp+ are gone for every day i'm going to be there. is there still standby, and how crazy is it? i'm going 10/4-10 and just got my tickets last night and am trying to figure out what i'm doing. is standby still an option at some of these rides, or is it just a nightmare?
  8. PigletIsMyCat

    tickets at work/discounted wdw tickets

    has anyone used tickets at work discount website for disney tickets? i'm trying to figure out if they mail out real tickets or vouchers. i want to be able to link my tickets to my account ASAP so i can do fp+. tia :)
  9. PigletIsMyCat

    i feel like an idiot (fp+)

    so today is 60 days out from our check in, and i was all excited to start booking my fastpass+ selections. of course, i'd have to purchase my park tickets first. ugh. completely forgot that part. :banghead: i guess i can wait a couple more days and just keep my fingers crossed that some of...
  10. PigletIsMyCat

    using disney transport vs. renting a car

    we've done both in the past. this is the first time i'm renting an ECV from a preferred vendor and will have it 24/7 while we're there, so i'd need a portable one if we rent a car. we've also just decided to save the money and skip universal (even though diagon alley is open and i freaking...
  11. PigletIsMyCat

    portable scooter use

    i'm planning on renting a scooter for my trip in october. i've been looking at some of the portable ones, the three wheeled ones that have a 300lb weight capacity that break down into like 4 or 5 pieces that fit in the trunk. i've only ever used 4 wheel ECVs and am curious as to the stability...
  12. PigletIsMyCat

    how to link flights for DME?

    aloha! i'm working on an existing reservation for my brother and future-sis-in-law and trying to add their flight info... it's not jumping out at me and i don't know how to add it to the reservation. any help appreciated! thanks :)
  13. PigletIsMyCat

    Tower of Terror 10 miler weekend - info?

    has anyone been to DHS when this is going on? the ToT 10 miler is happening the weekend we're arriving and we were considering DHS for that sunday - does anyone have any experience with how this will impact the park attendance?
  14. PigletIsMyCat

    getting ready to book dining!

    tomorrow is 180 days for me! yay! dh and i are planning to finalize our dining options today and then tomorrow morning i'll start making ADRs. i know it's 7am EST to call in - is it the same when making ADRs online? and does anyone have any info/preferences/advice about either? i've only...
  15. PigletIsMyCat

    call in 'periodically'?

    i called disney res last week about my room only res at pofq. i noticed my confirmation email said 'garden view' when i had been looking to book a king. the rep told me that there were no king available with the cast member other bedroom discount but that she'd note it on my reservation. i...
  16. PigletIsMyCat

    when to purchase tickets

    i currently have a room only reservation with a friends & family discount. i'm planning on purchasing tickets from either AAA or undercover tourist. i'm guessing once i purchase them, i can link them to my reservation - correct? how soon should i purchase them? i have a 40% discount on a...
  17. PigletIsMyCat

    so excited - booking tonight!

    i have a call planned at 6pm tonight to book our tenth anniversary wow trip!! a cm friend is going to call and book with her friends & family rate. we're going to check pricing on pofq, contemporary, and boardwalk. i wasn't originally looking at the boardwalk, but apparently the discount she...
  18. PigletIsMyCat

    first visit in two years, now with medical issues

    it's been two years this week since i've been to disney world and i'm going through serious withdrawals. after living so close to the magic and being a pass holder for so many years, ugh. it stinks. this october will be our tenth wedding anniversary and i'm just starting to plan the trip. my...
  19. PigletIsMyCat

    Special HP screening for passholders!

    Just got this email, only for Universal passholders.... I can't copy it, so I'll type the gist for you... "In celebration of the release of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', we're throwing a Harry Potter Movie Marathon and it's only for Annual Passholders! But this isn't just any...
  20. PigletIsMyCat

    Piracy of Pirates theme?

    I'm watching the White Sox - Yankees game on Superstation WGN. At the opening of the game, while they're showing clips of the Sox from previous games, they were playing the theme song Pirates!!!! Was that song written expressly for the Pirates movie? Wouldn't it be protected by copywrite laws??
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