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  1. Missing_Aria


    I've looked into Airnmn for Disney a few times but never gone ahead and bitten the bullet on one. I've seen that there homeowners renting out rooms in Golden Oaks as well as RV owners willing to drive their RV over to Fort Wilderness for rental use (significantly cheaper and often nicer RVs...
  2. Missing_Aria

    Should Disney change how they handle their veteran discounts?

    First off, this is not meant as an inflammatory thread. I'm just genuinely curious about 2 things in particular. One, how do other veterans feel about this? Two, how do civilians feel and are they even aware of how these discounts are doled out? I think it's very easy as a veteran to feel...
  3. Missing_Aria

    Feel Good Story Time!

    The thing I love about Disney the most is that feeling of wonder and magic that the whole environment has. Of course I know that's not really Belle but I can immerse my brain in the fantasy enough that part of me truly feels it. I also firmly believe that it's a state of mind and its up to...
  4. Missing_Aria

    Struggling to decide on ECV

    Okay so my girlfriend and I are planning a December trip to WDW, tickets & hotel room are booked and everything (even got the free dining plan deal YAY!) but this year I've been dealing with a new friend... My cane. The cane is something I've been struggling with both literally and emotionally...
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