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  1. GoofTroop80

    Why doesn't Disney implement virtual ques regularly?

    After reading how smooth the virtual que has been running for RotR, it got me thinking; Why doesn't Disney use virtual ques in place of standby or fast pass? Joining a virtual que when you get to the park seems 100x better than hyper planning what rides you can ride a month before you check in.
  2. GoofTroop80

    Skilled Trade Question

    I was just recently EPA certified as an HVAC mechanic and I was wondering if Disney employs people in skilled trades or are they subcontracted out?:veryconfu
  3. GoofTroop80

    TTA Closure?

    I've been reading on these boards for the past couple of years and saw that TTA is closed until August 24. Does anyone know if there is a chance of the ride opening before hand? I'll be in the World from the 13-23 and I feel a trip isn't complete if I don't ride TTA.
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