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  1. graphite1326

    Bad Idea?

    We have vacationed with them before but not Disney. We like to ride everything and they already said they don't. We told them that though.
  2. graphite1326

    Bad Idea?

    Yeah I was thinking that too.
  3. graphite1326

    Bad Idea?

    We have been approached by another couple to make a trip to WDW 4 weeks away. Is this a bad idea? I was thinking of Fast Pass availability and dinner reservations. Not to mention if there would be rooms available. What do you think?
  4. graphite1326

    No fireworks shows at Hollywood studios for March.

    I have never been to the fireworks at HS. I can't imagine it being better or come anywhere close to MK. Is it really worth going?
  5. graphite1326

    Filming Crew, DHS, 1/8/2020?

    I was there once when they were filming a Seventh Heaven episode. It was a while ago. They were entering MK on the left side and had it blocked off from the public. In the center where they usually have the flowered Mickey up on the grassy area there was a young boy sitting on the wall acting...
  6. graphite1326

    Filming Crew, DHS, 1/8/2020?

    Probably filming
  7. graphite1326

    Boarding Groups are confusing

    I have a question. Everyone keeps saying when your group gets "called". Called how?
  8. graphite1326

    Boarding Groups are confusing

    I agree. Is this permanent or are they eventually going to go with stand by lines and FP? Once things settle down
  9. graphite1326

    Make a Hated Attraction Better!

    It seems like the previous or maybe present imagineers (if that is who is making the changes) failed miserably. AE to Stitch was terrible. They change Enchanted Tiki Room and that was awful. Journey into Imagination, I don't even bother going over there. Mayber there has been a change in...
  10. graphite1326

    Make a Hated Attraction Better!

    No HoP will be fine with the current President being re-elected. In fact it's currently probably one of the best. However, to save time I think they should start right away on the animatronic for Mike Pence when he will be president in 2025.
  11. graphite1326

    So how long to wait for a WDW visit?

    Since I have a condition where I have to use the restroom often, I am very reluctant to get on one of these.
  12. graphite1326

    Off Kilter, one show that survived after Disney

    When & where at? I may have to go since I am not far away.
  13. graphite1326

    Very Nervous This Trip

    When I was planning I bought Birnbaums book. I gave it to my wife and kids and told them to look over the attractions/rides and write your name next to the ones you want to got on and planned from there. Surprisingly, even though they were quite young at the time, they wanted to do more...
  14. graphite1326

    Very Nervous This Trip

    Just do the things you really want to do and then start planning your trip for next year for the thing s you missed. Like the rest of us. LOL
  15. graphite1326

    Time Share

    A relative has a time share that is not Disney. Turns out she can "trade" and use one of the Disney resorts (thinking Grand Floridian). When we book our week at the resort, how do we book the rest of the trip (theme park tickets, magical express)? Also, would we be able to book fast passes...
  16. graphite1326

    Top Three Rides at WDW

    1. FoP 2. EE & RnR-coaster (tie) 3. ToT Haven't don RotR yet.
  17. graphite1326

    RotR: Disney is still not at Universal's level

    All I can say is, on one of our trips we went to Universal for a day. Did Spiderman and it was ok. I could not wait to get back to our resort in WDW. I just like the theming and the feeling I get better.
  18. graphite1326

    Magic Kingdom...not so magical.

    It's still magical to me. They keep it painted and clean. I love the rides and hope they never change them so much that the park is unrecognizable. It's one park that should not change.
  19. graphite1326

    Which has aged the WORST?

    Space Mt. definitely. It has gotten so rough I am at the point where I cannot ride it.
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