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  1. zweltar

    News Disney World is Now Limiting Purchases for New Items

    If only Disney had some online means of selling parks merchandise…
  2. zweltar

    Return to normality tracker

    From my experience over the past 10 days, every limited experience at Disney at this point is 100% due to staffing shortages. If you're telling me to fill all available space in an indoor queue, everything should be available/open. If only Disney had some sort of online reservation system where...
  3. zweltar

    Park Open Procedures

    We haven’t hit rope drop in the first wave of people, but I do know that EPCOT was not really letting us in to any rides until almost 11 the other day.
  4. zweltar

    Return to normality tracker

    Here now. Crowds definitely feel pretty typical for June.
  5. zweltar

    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    I heard there's a proposal to replace the current soundtrack with "The Whisper Song" and "WAP." It's gonna be awesome.
  6. zweltar

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    Soon this thread can get it's learner's permit to drive a car. This is awesome.
  7. zweltar

    News People mover now reopened!

    Add a "behind the magic" tour to see it up close and charge $395 per person. Included will be viewing a video of the engineer drafting the plans for the monolith on CADD. But hey - kids under 3 are free!
  8. zweltar

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    Absolutely correct. I was posing the question to poke holes in the idea that Disney owes DVC members anything beyond their lodging or that DVC subsidizes the deluxe resorts.
  9. zweltar

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    So if the pool is being used by JUST DVC members (or anything greater than 1/3), is Disney then subsidizing DVC?
  10. zweltar

    News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

    Just got the inside scoop from Bob... Disney will now be REQUIRING all CMs to have face tattoos, full sleeves, and massive gauge piercings. Furthermore, natural hair colors are frowned upon. The current gender-dependent uniforms will be replaced by fishnet unitards. Pay scale will be...
  11. zweltar

    WL Room Requests

    I've been reading up on rooms and such at Wilderness Lodge. We have a courtyard view booked for this summer. I've seen sites that list options you can select and such, such as floor preference, corner room, etc.. However, I haven't seen those options anywhere on MDX. What is the best way to...
  12. zweltar

    Pool Bar At Wilderness

    I'm glad I finally someone who feels the same way I do... Sometimes ya just need to stop swimming and get yer hurr did, ya know?!
  13. zweltar

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Do you know? Also, do you know the winning lottery numbers for this week's games? Of if you don't know them, do you know for which dates you will have the winning numbers? Also, while I'm thinking about it, when do you think we'll know what yellow tastes like?
  14. zweltar

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Very likely, I admit. My community has a small group of very vocal people who have recently been saying vulgar things about teachers (calling us a waste of skin among other vile insults). So my hackles are already raised. Yikes, that sounds miserable for everyone - students, parents, teachers...
  15. zweltar

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    While I know that this is meant in jest, I can't help but feel the need to speak up about statements like this. Healthcare workers got vaccines, but no one joked "maybe I can be an attending physician while I do my normal job" or "maybe I'll go give sponge baths to bed-ridden people" other such...
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