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  • Hey man I am sorry I didnt realize you left me a message. Yes I am a Carolina Hurricanes fan and I cant believe it is already the beginning of the season. I love this time of the year. Cant wait also because the local team to me is the Charlotte Checkers and we start soon with them. So I am glad I have a sport to folow during the winter months besides football.
    I'm an artist, and I love logos. When I first saw the Devils' logo back in '83, I thought it was awesome and immediately latched onto the team. (I was originally an Islanders fan because they were the parent affiliate of our local CHL team, the Indianapolis Checkers----Hrudey3032's avatar shows the goalie from our team.) So I've been thru the "Mickey Mouse organization" days of the Devils up to the present day (see----it all connects w/ Disney again!!!) I still bleed red and green.
    All right, ZombieDon! A clean sheet of ice on the Devils' upcoming NHL season---here's hoping that they have a June meeting with Lord Stanley!!!!! Welcome to WDWMagic! I've been here for a long time, but I mostly just lurk around here reading all of the updates. Every once in awhile I'll throw in my 2 cents, but since I live in Indy, I'm naturally not the source of goings-on in the Resort like those who live near the Magic.
    My brother(EpScott on here) is a rabid Devils fan since the early 80's in fact he saw his first Devils game in pittsburgh a few months ago(they lost 8-1 I believe).I am a Avalanche fan myself.We are huge hockey nuts.
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