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    Sci-Fi Dine and Other Questions

    Also I don't know if you know this, but Beach Club and Yacht Club are basically the same resort and are right next to each other so I would recommend also looking at the restaurants at Yacht such as Ale and Compass and I personally enjoy Beaches & Cream.
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    Sci-Fi Dine and Other Questions

    Like others said, keep checking when its closer. I have more look finding reservations the night before etc. For Cape May, they do have other options (I love it) but honestly what makes it worth the money is being able to eat as many crabs as you want, I do not think I would recommend paying to...
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    Wine and Dine and the Parks

    For marathons it shouldn't impact your park time in terms of the race itself, they happen early in the morning, before parks open. However, marathon weekends at disney are highly popular so it will affect you in terms of crowds. Parks are usually packed during marathons. Other than that...
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    Finger Print Readers Suspended??

    Don't know if it will change for Corona but from my understanding from friends: as it stands PT and Seasonal don't get sick days and most CMs don't want to call out because if you call out for less than 3 days you get points and most can't afford to go 3+ days without pay so they only call out...
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    Being Stuck on a Ride - Which ride scene would damage your mental well-being the most?

    Yeah Nemo seems to be the recurring winner. My friend was stuck on it a few years ago for a couple of hours right near the end with big blue world playing continuously and to this day she loathes the ride because of that day.
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    Best Resort for Honeymoon

    I stayed at the honeymoon suite at the Poly and I highly recommend. It is a step up from club level so we got pampered and had food delivered for free and access to the club. The room was also great with a king bed, views of the fireworks and a hot tub in the room. It wasn't even my honeymoon...
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    Rumor: I'm hearing crowd levels are down

    Honestly every single one I used worked and I was constantly trying to use them after rides. ETA: While I do believe many stations can take a while to be refilled by custodial since there are so many people using it. One thing I did notice it that it takes a few seconds for stations work again...
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    Finger Print Readers Suspended??

    Went on Sunday (yesterday) and still required fingerprints, did not see CMs wiping the reader clean after each guest. However, there are now hand sanitizing stations right after the turnstiles.
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    Rumor: I'm hearing crowd levels are down

    Just wanted to add, at least at Epcot I noticed new hand sanitzer stations almost everywhere. Every ride I went to had one at the exit now.
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    Rumor: I'm hearing crowd levels are down

    Honestly, not terribly yet, Just last this past weekend it was as crowded as usual. Now, maybe going forward as the hysteria grows, crowds will decrease.
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    Which All Stars is best?

    Seconding what posters said already but the most important thing is to make sure you pick/ pay extra for a preferred room, those are the closest to the lobby. Then its about theming as they are fairly similar. I personally prefer movies.
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    1 Day - Solo Trip

    Have you been to Hollywood Studios lately? You said don't go to DAK because everyone wants to go to Pandora but the same is true, and even more so, for current DHS. It is by far the craziest of the parks because everyone wants to go get a boarding pass for rise and then since everyone is there...
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    PO Riverside Vs Coronado Springs?

    Actually, with the hip problems I would not recommend Riverside. Sure, there are the buses but you would basically be relying on them all day, even to go to the lobby or something. For moderates I would recommend French Quarter, it is a compact resort so you would be fine walking to the lobby...
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    Hotel activities

    For the most part they are open to people not staying at the Resorts. The ones that take place at the pools are for resort guests only since pools are for resort guests only. Do keep in mind that some activities have to be scheduled and paid for in advance!
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    Epcot crash course

    The festival will be mostly around World Showcase, there are small shops with gardening supplies/plans, even one that sells disney character yard decorations. They also ave many booths, the list of booths and foods have already been released online so you can read over it and select the ones...
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