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Recent content by Zé_Carioca

  1. Zé_Carioca

    Has anyone ever attended a conference/convention hosted by Disney?

    The answer is: it depends on what the conference books. Disney has an events team that can build the conference based on requests and budget. Some conferences may just book the room in one of the conference centers, some may request tea/coffee service plus meals (and again, the type of...
  2. Zé_Carioca

    Best Place for Breakfast in the Parks

    Do you mean the character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare? In the morning they have a breakfast buffet with "British" characters like Mary Poppins, Pooh. Tigger, Alice and the Mad Hatter. If so, yes it is still an option!
  3. Zé_Carioca

    Galaxy's Edge - Orlando

    I honestly suggest you look again and look for the details. Go to the toydarian store and look at the toys used for decoration, not the ones for sale but the ones in the ceiling, including a tiny millennium falcon. The ship display right next to the store has a ship with an ode to LMA. Look at...
  4. Zé_Carioca

    Trip planning with 7 or 8 people.

    With that large of a group you're either looking at splitting the group into multiple rooms or 2+ bedroom DVC villas since the suites at the values sleep only up to 6.
  5. Zé_Carioca

    Dinner at MK during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?

    I second that you shouldn't do a sit down meal during the party, if you can schedule it for 5-6 that way you can be done before the party officially starts at 7, that is best, if not you can always try a quick service during that party that way it doesn't take too long. I'm not a fan of MK quick...
  6. Zé_Carioca

    Best time to ride Kilimanjaro Safaris?

    I recently went at 7 which was sunset that day and I agree, that was the time I saw the most animals! It was amazing. Many animals are more active at night so I prefer the night safaris.
  7. Zé_Carioca

    Excited for the Poly!!!! ALOT of questions though..help!

    No problem! I went during the fireworks so that impacted how often the waiter came with the skewers and we felt rushed which seems common there but the food made up for it: there is a delicious bread, salad, noodles and dumplings, meat and shrimp skewers and bread pudding for dessert! As for...
  8. Zé_Carioca

    Orlando for Xmas and no theme parks

    Non Holiday Related: -I'd visit winter park or winter garden (if you have a car), it is a nice half day trip to visit these quaint neighborhoods in the area. Both have a cool Farmers Market on Saturdays. -As mentioned, Downtown has some museums and gardens to visit. -ICON Park (the wheel...
  9. Zé_Carioca

    Orlando for Xmas and no theme parks

    non Parks but Disney Related: Disney Springs (on top of holiday shopping, many restaurants and booths will have special holiday treats PLUS I love the tree trail (it is free) and they have 20+ trees all decorated to disney themes, around the trail there is also fake snow and treat booths and a...
  10. Zé_Carioca

    Excited for the Poly!!!! ALOT of questions though..help!

    I didn't enjoy breakfast there, it was a platter just eggs, fruits, bacon and waffles. The characters are Mickey, Pluto, Stitch and Lilo if that is a selling point for you! Dinner was a miss for me due to service but the food was delicious,diverse and plentiful!
  11. Zé_Carioca

    Excited for the Poly!!!! ALOT of questions though..help!

    1) With a lagoon view room I would recommend watching the Electrical Water Pageant from the room one night and if you have a good view, maybe the MK fireworks, if not, the beach is a great place to watch the fireworks 2) Love Kona for breakfast, one of my favorite on property. Haven't been for...
  12. Zé_Carioca

    Where can you meet Minnie?

    Specifically for MK, on top of Storybook circus, you should watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade as both Mickey and Minnie close out the parade!
  13. Zé_Carioca

    Where can you meet Minnie?

    All of the above is correct, she is also in many character meals like Tusker House, Hollywood &Vine (not breakfast), Cape May (breakfast) etc
  14. Zé_Carioca

    Polynesian club level?

    I haven't stayed CL at AKL to compare but I have stayed at Poly and others (BC, WL and CS). Poly was one of my least favorites, if not the least. It just felt less special, and therefore less worth it to me. They have its own building which might be appealing to some but to me just gave me the...
  15. Zé_Carioca

    Annual pass perks

    Forgot to mention that the top tiered APs sometimes get previews and special events. APs also get a discount on party tickets for special events like not so scary etc.
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