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    Why Disney is better than Universal and other amusement parks...

    "You must be Cinderella, 'cause I see that dress disappearing by midnight..."
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    Why Disney is better than Universal and other amusement parks...

    Here are some of the reasons I feel make Universal the theme park king it truly is. Best themeing anywhere. Best food options anywhere. Best ride, Forbidden Journey. Best resorts. That feeling of getting away from the real world, for example, walking up to Port of Entry and hearing the...
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    Saving Mr. Banks. Going to see it or not?

    Here it is: Source: https://www.facebook.com/themousecastle/posts/171625856305793
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    The Spirit Takes the Fifth ...

    I'm not familiar with Avenue Q or The Book of Mormon, but I think the Lopezes have done a great job writing songs for Disney films. I thought all of the songs in Frozen and Winnie the Pooh were excellent and very memorable.
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    Why Disney is better than Universal and other amusement parks...

    I, too, love those little touches that Disney offers. Like how because Soarin' is visible in World Showcase, it is actually themed to Canada: Only Disney could be detail-conscious enough to create this stunning backdrop for the France pavilion that also pays tribute to that famous mid-19th...
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    MiceAge on the latest news regarding MyMagic+ : Read it and weep.

    I wish Avatarland was on that list of cancellations...
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    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    ^ This...I came here to say the same thing, but you've already done a good enough job.
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    New Test Track?

    The path of the ride vehicle and the speed run finale are the same. Aside from those, the testing facility theme has been dumped in favor of a premise whereby you are no longer testing a car, but rather testing a computer simulation of a car (hence the flashy, but inappropriate Tron-like motif)...
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    Is there any rides you've never been on and never want to go on?

    DAK Avatar Land - whatever it ends up being, I'll never visit...couldn't even pay me to set foot in the place.
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    New Fantasyland Theatre Show- Summer 2013

    This show is so lame....Nothing but a half-baked retread of just about every other recent Disney theme park show.
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    Rank Orlando's parks

    Magic Kingdom - Despite Disney's best efforts, the MK is still number one in my eyes. I'm not too happy about the cuts to CBJ/Tiki Room, the movie tie-ins in POTC, the new HM/Space queues, the Tangled tower, or SOTMK, but the MK still boasts a classic attraction lineup that practically dominates...
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    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Clearly you missed the whole discussion of "mythical" vs. "fantasy"...
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    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I agree with you there; I was just pointing out an oversight on his part.
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    First Look at "Big Hero 6"

    Disney officially confirmed that Big Hero 6 would be the 2014 release for Walt Disney Animation Studios today. Along with the announcement, some "first look" footage from the movie was posted to YouTube. It's not a very exciting clip; none of the characters are shown. But the 30-second clip does...
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