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    Where is a Walt when you need one?

    Eisners salary and bonus are approved by the board of directors so you can blame them for his income. Thrill ride parks across the country have had good attendance increases the past few years. These 15 million dollar roller coasters provide a rush that many people are seeking when they go on...
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    Books about WDW

    the only books that I have found dealing with the history of wdw are at wdw, in the shops at the resorts. I have looked at barnes and noble for books on wdw but they had nothing on the history of the place.
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    The Restroom Curse

    alot of the urinals at disney flush themselves, when you step away, they flush, it is activated by an infared beam,,come to think of it, that beam is pointed right at your...................
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    Who would be your house pet?

    baloo the bear from the jungle book
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    wdw critic/mlewis challenge

    hey tramp, while I'm at the first aid station I can slip into the gerber place to change that depends diaper,, thanks about thunder,,,I was just looking at his grave in the backyard, buried him in his favorite spot,,,,he was a great dog,,,,,life goes on
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    COP voices

    rex allen did the original voice, after he died, rex allen jr did it
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    wdw critic/mlewis challenge

    thanks jay-london,it's a sad ritual all pet owners unfortunately have to go through,,,, now for mr. lightbeers challenge, keep in mind this is not in any order of importance: 1.chicken fingers anywhere in the world 2.cruising the waters in a pontoon boat,those water taxis keep cutting me off...
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    wdw critic/mlewis challenge

    lightbeer, you ole bloke!!! what took you so long to get into the newest "row" as you Brits say, you're slowing down ole man. But its good to hear from you!!!Nice to see the posts from people who love to hate me. I was beginning to feel left out. I accept your challenge and I PROMISE to be fair...
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    Which Is the best park? And Why?

    racoonze, nice to read that someone else sees the truth. I to have a passion for the place. My concern is when I see problems at disney, I speak up about it and some people have a problem with that. When Disney gets their act together and puts their priorities in order and makes some...
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    Which Is the best park? And Why?

    My posts are not constantly critical of the parks, I only post what I see are problems at the parks. If you have a forum such as this, you should expect that not everybody has the same opinions. Most people on this forum love the parks and that is fine, nothing wrong with that. I have however...
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    Which Is the best park? And Why?

    well lets see, my favorite park? take the magic kingdom,please! They closed 20,000leagues 5 years ago and the place sits empty, or I heard its now a meet and greet the characters, the timekeeper has become a, oh my, another meet and greet, main street has become a disney strip mall,the carousel...
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    Living Seas reducing operating hours

    just another example of poor management at disney,,
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