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    Most Relaxing Ride?

    What's a trip to Magic Kingdom without enjoying a relaxing ride on the Peoplemover!
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    Cirque's La Nouba Closing?

    Been a while since I've posted. We just returned form WDW where I heard from a non-employee that Cirque is closing this year. Not sure where this person got their information, but it did seem as though it might be true based on these two things...the last time we saw the show (1.5 years ago)...
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    Youth Group ticket price increase went up 40%

    Some of you might know about this already, but for those of you who don't Disney has a program called Youth Education Series, or Y.E.S. Program. You have to have at least 10 students to qualify (I think it's 10 - we always take more). Through this program you get a session (2-3 hours roughly)...
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    Downtown Disney Bus Stops

    Thanks, Steve. This is what I thought but wanted to make certain.
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    Downtown Disney Bus Stops

    Planning a trip for late May. Does anyone know if the bus stop at DD nearest to Cirque du Soleil is still operational? If you were telling someone to meet you at the closest bus stop to Cirque, which one would you tell them to meet you at? Thanks for your help.
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    Doubting Avatar

    Related, but not. Did anyone see where James Cameron is directing a 3-D movie for Cirque du Soleil?
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    Doubting Avatar

    My initial reaction at reading that Disney was putting Avatarland in Animal Kingdom was "that doesn't seem right." This wasn't because of whether or not the movie was good or bad as many of you are debating, but rather thinking that Avatar was scientific and futuristic in nature and Animal...
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    Doubting Avatar

    Okay, here goes. Not to rile anyone...this wasn't my intent. The evidence I was referring to in my original post is what is found right here on the WDWMAGIC site. All of the news stories found under the Avatar listing. It's bascially what NEPALOSTPARKS posted earlier. PIRATEFRANK also made...
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    Doubting Avatar

    In so many posts that I read, there seems to be some question about the fruition of Avatar Land. There's lots of evidence to support this announced project, yet so many doubt it will come to be. Why is this?
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    1970's Walt Disney World photos.

    kids of the kingdom Does anyone have pictures of the singing/dancing group called Kids of the Kingdom? Especially from the 1975-76 era?
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    WDWMAGIC 15 Year Anniversary Guest Book

    Congratulations WDW MAGIC! Have been a member since 2002 - July 4th of that year to be exact. Appreciate the site and the exchanges between posters. Lots of good info on here and great attentive moderators. I'm a daily visitor - often more than once. Enjoy being part of the WDW Magic Family.
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    New DVC Resort

    The Grand Californian sits adjacent to the two parks at the Disneyland Resort. Closer than any of our WDW resorts, with the exception maybe of the Contemporary....as far as proximity is concerned. I'd rather stay on property at WDW than at Disneyland. A DVC at Mainstreet would be an E ticket...
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    New DVC Resort

    DVC Mainstreet. To the stage right side of the monorail station, if the audience is sitting in the lagoon. Why not? Immediate entrance to MK, immediate access to monorail. Spend the night overseeing Magic Kingdom. Closer than the Contemporary. There's something similar to this in Cali...
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    Where would you like to be stuck over night????

    The original Tiki Room, with rain going all night. Tree House would be a close 2nd.
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