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    Can't get juice with Orange Bird cup.

    Well that bites!! How much is the Orange Bird Sippy cup anyhow?
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    Best breakfast food/atmosphere

    Trails End and The wave buffet with their sweet potato pancakes and multi grain mickey waffles!! SO GOOD!! *DROOLS*
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    EpcotServo's Updates #2.32- Do Androids Dream of Electric SSE?

    Silly Disney, don't they know by now that guest don't read signs. :brick: With that said, glad to know that the Spirited Beast exhibit is still there! Woohoo! I love sitting in there on a very hot day (yes, Orlando can be more hot then it is,) and listen to the different anime music in the...
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    Need help remembering a certain parade.

    Ah thank you so very much!! I completely forgot about Share a Dream come true.
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    Need help remembering a certain parade.

    Okay, sorry for the randomness but while listening to subsonic today, I heard a parade loop with wendy and peter pan that wasn't from the Disney's Dreams Come True Parade or the Parade of Dreams one from Disney Land. Any clue what it might have been? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated...
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    Mk Updates - Itzakadoozie replacement, Tomorrowland Sphere, New Merch, more!

    I still get shocked when I see $3.25 for the Delicias Pinapple pops. We sell them here for a buck. x_x
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    COP Dad Missing Left Hand

    I know right! Pictures or it didn't happen. We're going in three weeks and that hand better be fixed :ROFLOL:
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    Disney Adult Crocs

    They have them everywhere and I love the new croc band! Makes them look less ugly and bulky!
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    Why is Tokyo DisneySea soooo much better than any other park worldwide?

    I have to agree! Never been but it just looks so much better. Even the merchandise is amazing and cute to boot! My friend that works there say that it's very strict and no slacking off is allowed. She showed me a video of how all the areas basically look brand new and spotless due to cleaning...
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    Splash Mountain changes its splash

    Am I the only one that doesn't get wet on Kali? Sure I get sprayed on but hardcore wet like some folks do, nope. That's why I can't understand the folks that wear the ponchos on that ride. Seriously, want to get wet, RipZaw Falls, oh goodness that was horrible. x_x; Fun ride but I was soaked...
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    Poly Refurb, DTD Night Show, and AoA...Oh my!

    I don't know about anyone else, but Poly needs HOT TUBS :D
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    Will The Rain Ever Stop

    I would not be out in the parks in a tornado or such, but I've been in the parks working and playing with horrible rain. (The type that stings your face real bad.) We put on our rain boots, the ponchos and make memories and still ride some of the indoor rides. I'll be visiting again in July so...
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    All air Launch pyro missing from IllumiNations

    Or climbing trees or fences during rainy weather. Oh boy, those were the days. =( I know the reason why they're not there, I'm just sad that I haven't seen them for a while because of that reason.
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    Losing a Disney loved one

    I'm so sorry for your loss and as morbid as it may sound, I was actually thinking about this today at work just for a bit. My boyfriend and I met at the Disney College Program and the whole family is into Disney. Our whole lives revolve around Disney. I came with the conclusion that I'd never...
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    Will The Rain Ever Stop

    A little rain never hurt anyone! =D I love watching guest scramble away to the parking lot when it starts to rain. Most of the rides are indoors folks. And omgoodness tell me about it, I'm here in MD right now and it's so freaking gloomy. I want spring already!
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