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    Artemis Fowl (2019)

    The books are a great read I love them and I'm excited to see this movie hopefully it does have a good story and won't completely stray from the book.
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    News Liberty Square Riverboat closing for long refurb

    I know the barrel bridge was gone when I saw there about two weeks ago so perhaps that whats being refurbished?
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    What's the ONE THING (or more than one thing) you've never done at WDW

    I never did the talking Mickey meet n greet, too bad its gone now.
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    What is your favorite cancelled animated disney movie and why?

    In that case, you're probably right, but in the off chance that it wasn't going to be a straight to DVD sequel then it seems like it would've had potential .
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    What is your favorite cancelled animated disney movie and why?

    Treasure Planet 2, if only treasure planet had done better at the box office
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    Favorite cancelled project/attraction?

    Another cancelled project that I wish would've taken off more would be Disney Quest. The whole concept of Disney Quest was to be a chain of indoor theme parks, sort of like Dave and Busters, with many locations across the country. The project started with the one in Downtown Disney and was then...
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    Favorite cancelled project/attraction?

    A Fantasia dark ride would be so cool, I really wish there was more inclusion of Fantasia in the parks.
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    Favorite cancelled project/attraction?

    Another project that seemed really cool to me would be Discovery Bay, many of the ideas were used in parts for other attractions but the land as a whole was never brought to fruition.
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    Favorite cancelled project/attraction?

    I was excited about the theater coming to Magic Kingdom, maybe in the future they will reconsider it.
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    How far do you live from WDW ?

    1,178.4 miles, about 18 hours driving.
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    New-joined Disney and film enthusiast

    Hello and welcome!
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    Favorite Songs: 1960's & all the way 'til Today

    One of my favorite contemporary classical pieces
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