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Recent content by twodisneyfans

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    Pepper Market Questions

    Misc We'll be leaving ourselves two weeks from tomorrow and staying at CSR...From what I have read...Pepper market is a place to AVOID...high prices, food not that good...
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    Bugs in Disney World

    Misc Winnie the Pooh has a monopoly on the bee population!
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    just did online ck-in yeah

    Misc My online check-in is MONDAY!!! I'm sure that my staff will be so glad for me to go on vacation so I will shut up about the trip!
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    Holy Heat Index! 107-109 degrees!

    Misc That is a cold front for us here in Oklahoma!
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    Expired Federal Airline Tax

    Misc Just read on CNN that the refund is dead!
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    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    Misc *** 18 *** Getting closer!
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    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    Misc We're in the teens!!! ***** 19 *******
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    August 2011 Roll Calls

    Misc WE MADE IT TO AUGUST, DISNEY HERE WE ALL COME!!!!! (and yes I"m yelling for an excited reason!!) LOL
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    Wishes Dessert Party

    Misc if you are planning on going, keep a close eye on it, the event appears to book up FAST!
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    Coronado Springs - Free Internet?

    I know a short time ago, they ran some trial runs in some of the areas for free internet. Are any of the Coronado Springs areas still free internet?
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    August 2011 Roll Calls

    Misc Just got back today from picking up some "travel and trial size" items to take with us. Love them that way we don't have to carry big tubes of toothpaste, deodorant, etc... Counting down the days!!!
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    How Many Days for You... (Part 6)

    Misc 25 days left
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    First Time! Right Plan?

    Misc Looks wonderful! Enjoy...but don't spend all your time in the hotel room...
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    August 2011 Roll Calls

    Misc 30 days go to...just booked our return airfare... Airfare to MCO...paid in full Resort with DDP, Park Hopper....paid in full Airfare from MCO home...paid in full Spending money while we are there....still working on...
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