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  1. ttasuperskyway

    News Disney to launch new Vacation Planning site to help guests with date-based tickets

    I would be surprised if there are price reductions. The slow times will just get promoted to DVC, Florida Residents, and for pass holders to bring non-pass holders so they can protect their pricing. They can really fine tune the seasonality now.
  2. ttasuperskyway

    News Disney to launch new Vacation Planning site to help guests with date-based tickets

    Frequently Asked Questions When will date-based tickets expire? 1-Day base tickets are valid for admission on the specific start date selected. Multi-day tickets are valid for admission beginning on the start date selected and must be used within a limited time period. Ticket Duration Valid...
  3. ttasuperskyway

    Rumor-Wdw testing more then 3 FP+ per day today...

    Thanks for the info. Was just able to modify FP+ for March to get TSMM and RNRC at DHS as well as Soarin and Test Track at Epcot for the same day
  4. ttasuperskyway

    No fastpasses available today?

    I'll admit that FP+ made my last trip much better than usual as I got to arrive to the parks an hour later and still do everything I wanted. Also, it was great charging at all of the F&W booths with MagicBand and not have to reach into my pockets or reload a gift card. Everything luckily worked...
  5. ttasuperskyway

    No fastpasses available today?

    During the testing, I was able to book mine all in succession. I had all the headliners reserved in advance for the 9,10, and 11AM windows and would then go to EPCOT to enjoy F&W for the rest of the day
  6. ttasuperskyway

    No fastpasses available today?

    Quick note on the scanning process to get into FP+ line and capacity reduction: There is a Mickey head on each side that can be used to get in at both FP checkpoints. The scan takes seconds and isn't much longer than handing the passes to the CM or having to rummage through your things to find...
  7. ttasuperskyway

    No fastpasses available today?

    Just got back from 5 days of using FP+ Had MK FP+ on late Saturday afternoon and there was still flexibility to get standard FP and edit FP+ selections throughout the night. On Sunday, got to DHS at 10AM since I had TSMM, RNRC, and ToT in succession for 9,10,11am. Arrived 7 minutes late to...
  8. ttasuperskyway

    Egg Roll Wagon

    If the wagon happens to be closed, they move them behind the Magic Carpets of Aladdin to the Sunshine Tree Terrace where they serve ice cream and slushes.
  9. ttasuperskyway

    My beef with the resorts

    WDW Resort TV is Awful. If any basic Motel 6 can have a typical cable lineup, Disney should too. If a sporting event happens to be on a Turner channel you are out of luck. All you get is the orlando local channels available over the air, the disney channels and promos (top 7, toon, abc fam, etc)...
  10. ttasuperskyway

    Ever planned a trip with someone who isnt "excited"??

    Its going to be tough dealing with it. I usually go with a core group of four people. One year we brought along 3 more friends and one of them was annoying and complaining the entire time. It was frustrating in the parks but luckily we were staying in separate rooms so we would make fun of it at...
  11. ttasuperskyway

    Chicken Strips Gone from the World?

    So it seems like everyone who has had them says they are the exact same thing as the old strip, just smaller Could it be that SYSCO changed the strips and not disney. Its the exact same thing taste and texture wise but smaller. However, they decided to call them nuggets The problem is with...
  12. ttasuperskyway

    Where have all the tollhouses gone?

    I've gotten the fresh ones at the All-Star food courts
  13. ttasuperskyway

    Locals: Any I-95 / I-4 driving advice?

    If you decide to take I-75 to the Turnpike take the 429 west, i think its exit 267. It will provide a clear trip to Disney bypassing I-4
  14. ttasuperskyway

    Traffic Spike in October?

    Thanks to the Food and Wine Festival and MNNSHP, October which used to be value season, is now regular due to the increasing crowds over the years.
  15. ttasuperskyway


    The TTA or Tomorrowland Transit Authority is your one way superhighway tour of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. You board your 4 person metroliner under the Astro Orbiter and it takes you by all the rides with views of Walt Disney's original EPCOT and the inside of Space Mountain, Buzz...
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