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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    The drawing looks like the shape of the foundations seen in the latest aerial.
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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    Anyone seen this concept art for the W.E.B. Suppliers store I wonder if its the new rectangular building in the center of the picture below?
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    Avengers Campus - Construction/Specifics

    I think that is not a crane but the thing that is sticking up in the artist rendering. Anyone know what it is?
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    Less Immersion Improves Galaxy's Edge

    It was explained in this post. The droids were cut due to puppeteer union costs.
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    Another way to look at it - if my math estimate is close to being correct - $262,800,000 a year increase in operating cost In 4 years time this wage increase will cost the company more than a billion dollars which is the estimated cost of star wars land. A New star wars equivelant expansion...
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    That would require them to sell 3 Million popcorns an hour
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    30,000 disneyland resort employees - assume 1/4 are working at any one time - 7,500 workers increase of $4 an hour from $11 to $15 7,500 * $4 = $30,00 an hour increase to disneyland resort operating cost To keep Disneyland Resort operating requires workers a 24hrs a day 365 days a year $30,000 *...
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    My Midsummer Madness Rant

    If you like Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out so much why don't you buy some stock. Oh yea - you can't! These are both privately held companies which is exactly why they have such great employees. Once a corporation has stockholders who only care about the bottom line, a company is forced to stop...
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    What are your go-to's/best values

    If your looking for good prices your only option is to leave the park.
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    Current Disneyland Employees - A Question about current Union Benefits

    I know the union that ODV belongs to gets them free shoes and all the soda they can drink while on break.
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    News bye bye bugs: Marvel Land announced, opens 2020

    Here's my guess. This gives GOTG a purpose as the Marvel Land Weenie.
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    Tropical Hideaway

    My guess is this project is being done to correct two major issues. 1) It adds a handicap ramp to the Tiki Room. Currently folks who cannot climb stairs have to use a handicap elevator. 2) It will help clear the logjam at the entrance to Adventure Land by moving the Dole Whip service counter...
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    Anaheim GardenWalk For Sale

    According to this site: Parcels 082-551-04, 082-551-05, and 082-551-11 are for sale. According to this site: The parking structure is 082-551-06, the fire...
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    Anaheim GardenWalk For Sale

    According to sales information online, the following parcels are for sale: 082-551-04 082-551-05 082-551-11 These three parcels make up the area in red. The areas in blue are what Disney currently owns.
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