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  • Hey Mad
    My Mom is from Mahanoy City and my Dad from Coaldale. Other relatives in assorted hamlets and crossroads reaching from Tamaqua to Allentown
    Thank you for the concern last night. I promise you with all my heart that I'm very hesitant to everything. There is a LOT of trust that will need to be earned back before any steps are taken in that direction. Heck, I told him that if he's serious he needs to actually 'court' me again the old fashioned way.

    I've got my guard up and my game face on. As silly as it sounds, sometimes I use you and Dave as my 'Jiminy Crickett' when dealing with him... "What would they say to me if they were here right now...?"


    Thank you for organizing all the recipes. I realize all the trouble that you had to go through.
    HI!! I hope that you have had a wonderful Holiday. We have been super busy and I have not been on here much. I have really missed it. :)
    I want to apologize for not getting a christmas card off to you! I have been so busy lately I have not even had time to think. :(
    Thank you for your Christmas card it was beautiful!!
    by the way I am back in my old apartment here is my address:
    Darrel Buccilli
    1472 E 337th. St. Apt. #2
    Eastlake, Ohio
    by the way What is yours, I could not make it out on the envelope, is that So. Olens or Olers?
    Hey Mad,
    In case you missed it, seems Jer is in need of some very good wishes. Others also looking for the nurse to 'splane.
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