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  1. Tiggerish

    Remy Brunch Menu (9/26/19) Now with updated photos!

    Another Remy brunch lover weighing in! Totally agree on the Poulet Rouge, it was amazing. The wagyu beef didn't really do anything for me, either. I found it kind of tasteless, actually. Was expecting so much more after all I've heard about it. The potato puree was very tasty, and while...
  2. Tiggerish

    Pre-Trip It’s not about Ryan Gosling, but there is a Gosling involved – A DCL Bermuda PTR

    I take it y’all are staying in a Manhattan hotel? I’m local and would be happy to faux-Uber you from LGA to your domicile. I’m not weird (well, maybe a little, but I’m not psycho) and you wouldn’t be the first WDWMAGIC friends I’ve shuttled into midtown. The offer is sincere, just PM me if you...
  3. Tiggerish

    This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)

    Too true. :cry:
  4. Tiggerish

    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    Your thoughts are warmly received and much appreciated. :inlove: I'm not going anywhere near facebook today.
  5. Tiggerish

    Pre-Trip Buddy and Philmonster return to the World!

    I was already dealing with tears of silent laughter over “Grandfather Time and Grandma Moses” and “maybe they’ll spin him to the moon”, but Phil on the moose brought on actual guffaws. 😂🤪
  6. Tiggerish

    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    I have that same teapot! But I didn't buy it at WDW. Ordered it from a PBS catalog years and years ago.
  7. Tiggerish

    DVC Points For Cruises

    You can, actually. But the points have to cover one person's complete fare. I once (stupidly) used points for a cruise, and one of us was paid for with points and the other cash. If we didn't have enough points to cover the entire stateroom, we could not have split one person's fare between...
  8. Tiggerish

    Am I Alone... WDW Food is BAD

    My favorite “grab & go to eat on the plane” meal at LaGuardia’s CIBO Express is a kosher chicken & veggie sandwich. And I’m not even Jewish. Your lunch today sounds amazing!!
  9. Tiggerish

    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    No judgement here. I stink at that, too! I scream bloody murder during the regular version. I imagine that total darkness would be even more “thrilling” :D
  10. Tiggerish

    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    You’ve used the phrase “those poor people” with regard to the Bahamas several times in this thread. I happen to know that you are a decent human being, and know that each remark was sincere based on your own experience, never having had the misfortune to ride out a Cat 5 storm myself. After...
  11. Tiggerish

    News Future World confirmed to be split into 3 neighborhoods

    Quoted so I could like this twice. I’m quite curious about, but am uncertain that the World is ready for, how you will be “naturing” 🤩
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