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  • Dave, good luck hosting 10 girls. This year, the girl's crew had more drama than usual. Of course, now that I think about it, so did the boys.

    Two boats left for the Nationals at Oak Ridge this morning, but I don't travel with this group. I just gave them some money (from the pot) for meals. We have one male rower who might be a contender for the National team, but maybe not this year. He just finished his Soph year, so he has time. My son calls him "The Beast."

    His mother is my dentist's receptionist, and she told me that during spring break, she heard her son talking to someone on WoW at around 1AM. When she told him to get to bed, he said, "Moooommm! It's Mrs H's son, so it's OK!" I guess he's heard about "The Mom." :lol:
    Marcia, never really thought about Princeton and your rowing association. Be sure to give me a heads up next time you or the DH are in the area...we are just 15 min. away. DD will be rowing in Princeton over the summer...and it seems we may be hosting 10 girls from ACC teams for a clinic over the summer... :rolleyes:
    No need to 'splain to me what a Low Country Boil is... we do them a LOT. :D LOOOOOOOOOVE'em! I love the shrimp in 'em... but the kielbasa sausage and the potatoes are the bomb-diggity, as the young'uns say. :D

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!
    Well, the appetizers were boiled peanuts and beer, followed by hot dogs and hamburgers, with a low country boil...shrimp, sausage, potatoes. It gets boiled up, then dumped unto a table that has a plastic tablecloth covered low sided box on it. Most people just stand around it peeling the shrimp. Also served with beer.

    Then, once one of the guests has had enough to drink, he starts singing country songs. He actually has a good voice, but years of abusing alcohol have left him with a poor memory, so he only knows the first few lines of any song. :lol:

    We've been attending this for party for over 20 years, with the same group of "core" guests. These are our neighbors at our weekend house, and they've lived there long before the sprawl from southern FL; there are still farms along the road, and our "road- dirt) just got a name about a decade ago.

    The main topic of conversation was the upcoming sale of the cattle farm across the street, and how the current owners (who we sued several years ago, and won) had to dig up their father's vault (yes, exactly what you think) because no potential buyer wanted it there. It was originally just sitting out in the middle of the field, but had recently been moved under some trees. Still visible from the road, if you know what you're looking for. :lookaroun
    I hope so! There is some weather heading our way, but should clear in plenty of time for us to attend a redneck cook-out tomorrow. I will keep my clothes on, although I do recollect my daughter attending when she was around two or three, and stripping down to her underpants (or maybe less) because she spilled on herself. The Horror!!!
    It's Monday! w00t? I guess? :veryconfu

    Hope you have a great day and had a good Mothers' Day, too.
    Happy Mother's Day to THE Mom of the forums. Thank you for all that you do for us. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Happy Saturday, Marcia! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! And enjoy your new weekend tradition. :lookaroun
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