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  1. Terp02

    What are the Value Resorts really like?

    First of all, thank you all for your responses, I greatly appreciate them. Right now, all I'm doing is some prelim research since we don't even know if we're gonna go, we're just talking about it. But I think if we went, we'd be going in late November/early December since it's MUCH cheaper and...
  2. Terp02

    What are the Value Resorts really like?

    So my friend and I have been throwing around the idea of going to WDW, and I've been looking at prices for the resorts in the packages that Disney is offering. I've stayed at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Carribean (2x), and the former Dixie Landings, and was curious how the overall stay at...
  3. Terp02

    New Queue Configuration For Test Track

    Exactly what I was thinking! The inside queue is very cool and has a lot to look at and read and is better equipped for a standby line than a fastpass line. I always want to just go in and look at the stuff, but then I'm like "Oops! Can't do that, I have fastpass!" I think it's a smart move...
  4. Terp02

    A Sad Sad Day At Epcot

    Well you really can't drink ANYTHING at the Comcast Center, since it's a college basketball arena located on the campus of the University of Maryland, which is where I go. :rolleyes: http://umterps.collegesports.com/facilities/md-comcast-center.html Anyway, I didn't know they sold Moosehead...
  5. Terp02

    Suit: Disney Fired Woman Who Wore Hijab

    I'm pretty neutral on this topic, but I would just like to make a point/ask a question: Is Disney an Equal Opportunity Employer? If they are, then I would have to assume that they would have to accomodate for different people's religious beliefs, e.g. giving people days off on major holidays...
  6. Terp02

    Disney won't sell us ultimate park hopper..

    I could be wrong but I think the big thing here is the fact that the Ultimate Park Hopper Pass itself is your key card to your hotel as well as your park admission, and since Old Key West is Disney Vacation Resort, it may not be officially part of the WDW hotel system, if you catch my drift (as...
  7. Terp02

    Comcast/Disney & The Muppets

    This could be really, well, interesting, for my school at least. Let's look at the facts: Jim Henson went to the University of Maryland - College Park, where he has just been immortalized by having a statue of him and Kermit built in front of our Student Union. Comcast owns the rights to...
  8. Terp02

    Comcast Could Buy Disney

    The Board rejected the Comcast offer, saying that it wasn't good enough. more here: http://money.cnn.com/2004/02/16/news/companies/disney.reut/index.htm?cnn=yes
  9. Terp02

    Comcast Could Buy Disney

    According to my friend who reads The Economist, the FCC probably won't let this go through, but honestly, who knows? According to CNN.com, Comcast's bid is now $54 billion. I'm really confused because I thought it was supposed to be $66 billion. Anyway, I hope this is a sign that it won't...
  10. Terp02

    Comcast Could Buy Disney

    Is anyone here a VERY LARGE shareholder? Or know any of them personally? Cause we need to stop this train wreck from happening.:confused: Has anybody wondered if Roy could be asked to run the company if Comcast takes over or if the shareholders want him to?:veryconfu
  11. Terp02

    Comcast Could Buy Disney

    I just had a thought, and be it a crazy one, what if Disney merged with a company, got back itself back on track and really successful, and then split. Is this possible? I'm not close to anything of a business person. Also what if Disney merged, but then the top company went under, a la...
  12. Terp02

    Comcast Could Buy Disney

    If this ever went through, it would be the worst thing that has happened in recent years. Not only does Comcast own almost of the TV/computer cable systems along the East Coast (and maybe the states) they also are the sponsors for my school's (U of Maryland) arena as well as other sporting...
  13. Terp02

    I have one day at WDW, which park do you suggest?

    The whole band isn't going together to one park. We each have our own choice. Thanks again for the responses.
  14. Terp02

    I have one day at WDW, which park do you suggest?

    Here's the deal. I'm going down to Florida with the University of Maryland's Marching Band (Mighty Sound of Maryland) for the Gator Bowl and our band director has us going to WDW on Dec. 30th so we can play a parade, etc. He's letting us go to any park of our choosing. Right now I'm leaning...
  15. Terp02


    (Wakes up out of the lack-of-posting hibernation) I just wanted to make a simple point, and I think it might have been mentioned before but I glanced through some posts. I perfectly understand what people are saying, but you know this type of stuff isn't going to harm anyone. I know that...
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